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Warfarin and Vitamin D

As some know, my Husband has Primary APS. Apart from a DVT, because of a switched on Dr, he has lived a very happy, healthy life on Warfarin. This included working out regularly (and hard), lots of gardening, home renovations etc. A positive of his APS was that he would not bleed everywhere when he cut/scratched/hurt himself.

That was the case at least, until his CAPS event last year. Now he also has Primary Adrenal Insufficiency (Addison's Disease).

He now suffers extreme fatigue (some of which is due to not having yet fully recovered from his little trip to Hospital.

When asking other Addisonians about diet etc to get him back to health, I have discovered that there are a number of things that they recommend in high quantities, but that he can't eat becasue of the APS and Warfarin (high vitamin K etc). There is an issue of "eat this for APS but don't eat it for Addison's" and vice versa.

One of the things highly recommended for Addison's (to reduce the extreme fatigue) is high quantities (more than recommended daily dose) of Vitamin D, but I keep finding websites that say Vitamin D and Warfarin long term are not a good mix.

Does anyone here take pure Vitamin D, or has anyone here been told NOT to take Vitamin D?

Thanks for your help.

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In my experience I was taking high strength cod liver oil which has RDA of vitamin D in before I went on warfarin and have continued for 9 years.

Recently while reviewing all my meds with Professor Hughes he stated it was one to continue especially in veil of it containing vitamin D and our rubbish weather.


I have Vit D injections which I do myself as I inject heparin anyway. This is prescribed (after a fight) but is very cheap at only around £34 a year for 4 three monthly injections.

Perhaps you could ask for those instead of tablets as Im pretty sure its safe with warfarin as i was having them when I was on wafarin myself.


Thanks for the replies.

Had to take Derek to Dr today so asked about the Vitamin D, saying that APS and Addison's sufferers both take it. His comment, "I give it to my MS patients so you should be fine, it could help, but it won't kill".

He then gave us a script for it.

I am so lucky I have an understanding Dr. He wanted to do blood tests, so we asked if he could add a few, and he said, "Yup, what ones?".

We then pushed the boat out and asked for a chest Xray as well as Derek had been having problems off and on since his CAPS. "No problem. Here you go" and wrote an order for one, to be paid for by the Medical Insurance (ACC) that has agreed to cover him.

Wish I could bottle this Dr and send bits to you all.


God! yes please!!!


Definitely he sounds like my old GP, now retired. Send him to Yorkshire please.


Yes Please!


Hi, I take 20,000 (iu) international units of Colecalciferol which is Vitamin D. I have taken it for over two years, No problems to report and I take 9mg Warfarin daily, sometimes more,


Thanks jumpingpeggy, Derek has been given that as well. He takes 1 x 1.25mg once a month, and has a 3 month supply (3 tablets). We will see what happens.


I had trouble keeping a stable INR while taking oral D. I found this site:http://nadir.nilu.no/~olaeng/fastrt/VitD-ez_quartMED.html

And I use it to try to find that goldilocks zone between too mich sun and too liittle D.


I would love a little bit of your bottled GP right now lol,if I am not mistaken it is vitimin K that needs to be watched,someone else on here may be able to confirm that or correct me


The proffessor im under gave me vit d - I was extremely low on it, i assume your husband has regular blood test anyway so in time the level would be adjusted to suit it if it was to affetc the warfarinxx


He hasn't been tested for Vitamin D levels, but I suspect the Dr will test that at some stage.

The only regular blood test he has is his INR but now he has Addison's as well, the Dr is definitely keeping a closer eye on him.


I have been taking a low dosage of over the counter, oral Vit D, for a few months now, for me personally my INR and been stable ( I'm checked every week / two weeks). Sarahx


I was tested for vit D levels last year and results showed I was deficient so was given a large dose for three months which brought it back to normal. I now take the recommended daily dose and it has not interfered with my warfarin.

BUT I would not take over recommended dose without checking with a doctor. My dad, retired doctor, told me he had a patient on his ward with puzzling symptoms which turned out to be taking too high a dose of vit D.


Vitamin D-3 with K-2 is what our N.D. prescribes. When you have a vitamin D test to check your level it MUST be the Hydroxy 25 test which checks vit d-3. That is the important one. Everyday normal results are around 37-40 ish. I believe that one I want higher like 80, but do check with your doctor.



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