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Hi is the Coagucheck s system current? & can you get the strips for this machine


Hi all i really want to test my own inrs and will be seeing gp on wednesday to check if i can get the lancets and strips on prescription. I got a supporting letter from my cons neurologist just need to get rheumy cons also on board but will see him in may to give my rationale for testing own as currently he says it wont be accurate so am so glad in latest newsletter there was the entry re being accurate with anti cardiolipin antibodies.

Reason for asking is there is a machine on sale on ebay and it is the s system i have since notice xs system mentioned so wander if anyone knew if this machine is an older model and if the strips you get will be compatible with the s system many thanks kathy ;-)

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Get the XS. Strips cost $200 for 48 directly from ROCHE. It is a nice conveinience. I use one and test myself at least once a week. Compare it to a vein blood draw evey 6 months or so.

Hi The S is the old model which was replaced with the current XS model. Its now much smaller and the test strips do not have to be stored in a fridge etc.

You should be able to get the xs test strips on prescription. Roch have a letter you can forward to your GP with the arguments for self testing INR.

My sugesstion is this. Contact Roach in Switzerland to see if they have a trade in / upgrade promotion on. What the amount is given for an S model. Buy the ebay S model cheap and trade it in to get the latest XS. This will keep you up to date for years.

I am presuming you are in the UK. The only fly in the ointment is if your GP refuses to prescribe the test strips for you. They are not cheap to buy....

Good luck



Thanks guys that's really helpful. The s system is currently £46 so if sales for around that might do the trade in! Just hopeful gp will grant strips on prescription my cons is on my side & aware if I dosed myself my recent hosp admission might have been avoided

Thanks Jim & gadgets ;)hope ur having a good weekend kx


Yes, just to reiterate the good advice on this page the XS is the current model but DO make sure that you can get the strips on prescription from your GP before you invest any more money. They cost far too much for us mere mortals otherwise :) The Roche letter is a good idea as it's a bit of a postcode lottery with the strips so fight your corner if you can - good luck!

Thanks Kate got outbidded any way as I thought I would on s system on ebay & as advised will be seeing a gp wed with hope to at least get it checked out with pct if gp can't make that decision alone. Cheers Kathy off to gym now - ;-)

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