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Any of you have thin fragile skin from steroids and/or blood thinners?

I am on lifetime warfarin for APS and a history of stroke and multiple DVT's. I have also been taking Prednisone for over 15 years for a neuromuscular disease. As you may be aware, steroids cause many side effects, and the one I am writing you about is extremely fragile, paper thin skin. It is the worst on my legs and forearms. Something as simple as bumping into a piece of furniture gently can cause my skin to tear open... it's that bad. My forearms and the back of my hands are constantly black and blue.

If my dog brushes my leg with a toenail, it will typically puncture and rip causing a triangular shaped tear. If I get a real injury like getting cut by something like a twig, it's much worse. Last fall I merely bumped against the smooth round front of a toilet with the back of my leg and it caused a 3" long tear - the skin simply ruptured open. When I get wounds on my legs, they typically take many months to heal and require torturous wound care procedures. During those months I will suffer from horrendous pain and numerous cellulitis infections as well.

I'm just wondering if any others of you are going through something similar, and if so did you find anything to help you? Unfortunately I can never lower or stop my steroid dose nor the blood thinner. Thanks!

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Are you under a APS specialist? Where are you located? It will help us to better advise you if you can answer these questions. you don't say what the neuro muscular disease is for the reason for taking the steroids. This again will help us.

Thanks - and welcome to this forum.


I only take steroids when need for the shortest time possible when inflammation is present (high dose initially then taper off as per doctors protocol) I haven't noticed this in the time I take them so can't help I'm afraid. I did notice far more bleeding and slow healing when I was on Warfarin and sometimes I'll get bruising when I don't really remember knocking myself. So my general answer is no.


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