Mottling, red and white under skin

Mottling,  red and white under skin

Hi,  I introduced myself last night.  I'm under investigation for lupus and other things and included on the blood tests was APS  and vasculitis amongst many others. I get this mottling under my skin intermittently  and my fingers go red, it also goes up my forearms,  red and white blotches . It's under the skin,  nothing on the top.   Last summer I had similar on my legs,  especially my thighs.  I haven't remembered to mention it to any doctor as it's way down my symptom list but I recently managed to get some photos.  Not sure how well you will be able to see,  but do you recognise this?  Thanks. 

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  • Hello

    This looks like it might be Livedo Reticularis, which is a common symptom of APS/Hughes Syndrome.  Please bring this to the attention of your GP.  I note that you had blood tests for APS, do you have a diagnosis of APS?


  • Hi

    I have exactly the same just on my palms and soles of feet. I've been told mine is livedo reticularis. Mine is also intermittent and doesn't happen as much now I'm on warfarin but still occasionally. 


  • Hi it is on the symptoms list, and it's name is Livedo Reticularis:


  • I agree with what my colleagues have said and Raynaulds can cause red finger tops when the rest of the fingers are pale. These are all symptoms of bad circulation.

  • Hi everyone.  Thanks for your comments.  I'd seen pictures of Livedo Reticularis  but didn't think mine really resembled it much. Those of you that have it diagnosed does yours actually look like mine then?  When it's on my legs it is perhaps a bit more lace like but it's never very dark or purple.  I guess mine,  if it is this (or Raynaud's as I've had suggested on a Lupus group too)  is quite mild?  

    I will tell my GP and the neuro who requested all the current tests and show the photos. 

    Manofmendip,  just to confirm,  I'm not diagnosed with APS.  I'm waiting for blood results and other tests to rule many things out/in. It was just one of many bloods that were ran recently. I posted my intro last night. 


  • They say that Livedo Reticulatris (I had that before Warfarin) is a sign of APS.

     I must say that I can not see it on a photo of your hand. It is better to see it on the body. If you see it (I saw it usually when I took a hot bath or especially when it was very cold weather. Take a photo then and show it to your Doctor.  


  • Yes I have it too which is more prominent on legs and arms.It's like a lace pattern.Told my consultant and he didn't bat an eye lid so presumed it t was all part of the APS parcel

  • My palms look like this intermittently - I thought it was normal!

  • Have you been diagnosed APS?


  • Hi Kerstin, I've posted before - no, looking into it due to migraines and other symptoms. Thanks.

  • If you have Livedo Reticularis all over you body I think you should see a Specialist of APS about your migraine. Has your present Specialist talked about APS?


  • Lure2, if I still have Livedo Reticularis and am on warfarin, does it mean my APS is not controlled?

  • I am not a doctor I just have APS and I had Livedo Reticularis at special times when I was very cold or warm. I do not see the pattern so clear (almost never) after I started Warfarin with a rather high INR. I have heard others here  say the same thing

    It is important that you are properly anticoagulated at a steady and rather high INR. Most of us need an INR around 3.5 to feel well. Think about and talk to your Specialist. 


  • In reply to Kerstin (above),

    It's mild, only on my palms (like the above picture), and sometimes forearms, and it's episodic. I was just surprised because I thought Livedo Reticularis was much more severe and widespread and didn't link it with the occasional mottling of my palms and forearms. 

    I've introduced the possibility of APS to my GP, who knew about it, but not the migraine link or who Prof Hughes is, but haven't got any further as yet. I may be seeing a headache specialist so will see what they know.

    Thanks again Kerstin.

  • If you have a GP you can talk to,  ask him to test the APS-antibodies (all three). The bloodsamples must go in a special way to a laboratory. Some  precausions he must follow I think.

    Also read on the charity website   and perhaps show your doctor.

    Do not see a Neurologist as they do not "get" what this illness is about  -  too thick blood. See a Rheumatologist (a SPECIALIST) from the list in case you are positive and also for you migraine.


  • Thank you.

  • It looks like livedo reticularis which is a commin symptom of APS, i have it, nothing to worry about. :)

  • I have this also it is especially bad when I get cold.  At its worse my extremities turn purplish.  I am on Plavix and that seems to help and has lessened the flare ups.

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