To take blood thinners or not????

Good morning all! So I have a question here? I'm praying someone can answer my questions..... I was tested for Hughes Syndrome and the doctor office only tested 2 and those came back negative. So they think I'm crazy. Anyways, I've been on Warfram since September for a blood clot that they are saying I inflected onto myself, because I drove 1800 miles in a car. The blood clot is gone now, however, since I have been on blood thinners the doctors haven't been able to get my INR levels stable? Therefore, I was sent to a new doctor who decided after the 1st visit that I didn't need to be on blood thinners anymore. I had a procedure that required me to be off of the blood thinners for 5 days. I was expected to have a blood test done before the procedure, my INR levels were 0.9. Now, here is where I want to ask, what is a normal range for someone who isn't on blood thinners and is this something I should worry about? I've requested to see a different doctor since I feel like this doctor doesn't know too much about my conditions and made a judgment call without understand my medical history. I'm concern if I should go back onto the blood thinners while waiting for me to meet with a specialist in July. Thoughts here?

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  • HI, it is crucial that somebody who understands the disease understands your needs: and I am sure you will get other answers. MaryF

  • Okay, I'm not sure I understand? I read the article on the front page. Where did you want me to read? Sorry I must be not understanding. :)

  • Are you in the USA? If so contained on the link I posted above are doctors who understand the condition in the USA. MaryF

  • Yes, I love in the U.S.A. Iowa

  • Thank you for this answer.

  • We are not Doctors so we cant advise you what to do when it comes to taking blood thinners only you can make that decision. I personally would not want to be off anticoagulation that length of time while waiting to see a Doctor for a decision so you must ring them up and try and get the appointment in July brought forward or get a telephone conversation with them about this until the appointment.

    BTW there are 3 tests for APS and they should be repeated after 12 weeks to confirm diagnosis. Did they do that? If you just had a blood clot which was not caused by having APS then it is normal to be taken off of anticoagulation after a few months.

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