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Pregnancy and Blood thinners

Hi all,

I've just joined the website and would love some advice. I was diagnosed with APS 4 years ago after a suspected TIA, and I've been taking 75mg aspirin daily ever since. For the past two years my blood tests have shown that i am borderline with the syndrome. My fiancé and I are going to start trying for a baby and I've heard different things about blood thinners. Is it safe to take aspirin during the beginning of the pregnancy? If I'm borderline wouldn't it be riskier to take aspirin? My doctor asked to me to get a second opinion as he wasn't sure. Any advice about pregnancy/ conception and this syndrome would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks


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Hi there, can he get you a referral to St Thomas'? just a thought, they would then advice your local team...for my pregnancies I had fragmin... but nobody knew in 1989 that I had Hughes Syndrome, (I am seronegative), however there are ladies on here, who will answer more clearly and they are on other things alongside the asprin. The best of luck. Mary F x


hello..i was diagnosed with aps after i had 4 miscarriages, i was told to take an asprin 75 mg daily untill i concieved. when i did i went onto the injections daily of 2.0mg clexane (heparin) it worked and i had 2 successful pregnancies on them.i also as most do had the injections for 12 weeks after because you are most high risk for a blood clot after delivery. i had both my babies at 37 weeks x

good luck x


I was put on Heparin during pregnancy,due to having a DVt. I still had problems with late pregnancy losses. These days I think pregnant Mums have heparin and Asprin.

Its Warfarin you shouldn't take during pregnancy, at one of the meetings It was said that Asprin was ok in pregnancy. ( But you need Doctors advice)

Please leave getting pregnant until you have seen a Doctor who knows about Hughes syndrome, It may save a lot of heart ache


You Doctor admits that he needs a second opinion, he should be sorting this out for you and getting you a referal to St Thomas's, or somewhere else who deals with syndrome

Don't stop taking your Asprin,


Hi good luck with it all. Aspirin 75mg is perfectly safe to take before pregnancy - i stayed on it inbetween pregnancies, no evidence shows that taking clexane before/during conception has any benefits but as soon as you find your pregnant commence the heparin(clexane). You should have regular growth scans to make sure that the clexane isnt restricting growth, and be anaged by a consultant. New research is out to say that statins may be of benefit to pregnant women - maybe you could see a consultant before commencing pegnancy to discuss a plan of care - i did this and felt a lot more prepared. I was also given high dose (5mg) of folic acid and took that for a few months efore trying for a baby - and that helped me no end - mail me if you want a chat - ive been through 5 pregnancies and know how scary it all is x


I was in the exact same place and totally agree with Emma. I was told by my hematologist that if she had her way, EVERY expectant mother would be on 80 mg. of aspirin regardless. I also agree with Emma about the heparin. While my hematologist believes that just the aspirin will do it for most women, I had three miscarriages previously, and started heparin the day I found out I was pregnant.

Don't worry about the aspirin; worry about NOT taking it. Best of luck XXX


Yes agree with what has been said- keep taking your aspirin, I have read it can also help with conception as it improves bloodflow to your baby making bits! You really do need a plan in place before conception. I was given fragmin at a pre-conception meeting with consultant so the day I got a positive test i could start injections immediately. 3months prior I was taking vit D, pregnacare & 75mcg aspirin. Good luck!


Thank you so much for all your comments and advice. It's so good to hear from people with experience as most of the doctors I've seen are unsure about the syndrome. I've seen another GP and she suggested taking the aspirin until I conceive, then start taking heparin injections once I know I'm pregnant. She wasn't sure, however, whether I should continue to take aspirin whilst taking the injections, and advised me to see my rhumatologist to check. What she did say, was that taking aspirin on the first trimester is dangerous as the baby's heart won't fully close? Could anyone shed any light on this?

Such a confusing time, thank you so much for your help.



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