does any one else get itching skin and rashes, plus little red blood spots on there skin,

does any one else get itching skin and rashes, plus little red blood spots on there skin, last year i had 3 rashes and the doctor was very good and read my notes and said 2 of them could be APS the 3rd one took months to found out and was than told it was bed bugs but that rash is only on my lower leg no where else i have spray and done my bedroom loads of times and have not found any

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  • Hi Christine,

    I get a rash on my shoulder and have lost of the blood spots was told by GP this was due to nerve endings and when you sin contracys and expands blood gets trapped and you have a blood spot but unless they cahnge colour they are harmless enough.


  • I get a rash on my wrists, elbows, and around my neck. I usually only happens when I get really hot a scratch those spots.

  • That's most likely eczema.

  • I get them and the itching and rash on my lower legs when I am walking a lot in a day. I have told my friend Seresa about this before but when we went to D.C. she saw it for herself.

  • hi -after a long day of heart felt sorro, my dad went to rest, it was a long hard day for me and my family, he didnt go easy, he is a fighter, a family all side the many things we have to do , are going to hurt as much , as family goes we are very close, but still there is alot to get rite, for the funeral,and the get together , after alls not set for this, emotions high,feelings a confusing thing , just full of sorro and heart felt pain ----jet

  • Hello Jet

    I am so sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. I know that nothing I can say will ease the pain and the sorrow that you are all feeling but please know that I am thinking of you and sending you and your family healing thoughts. Lin

  • Hi jet

    I'm so sorry hon. Thinking of you and your family, what a fighter your dad was. Here for you and sending huge hugs my friend.

    Love n gentle hugs sheena xxxxxx

  • Im sitting here scratching my neck, It looks like Ive got bites but dont know where from as got new bed so not bedbugs. I also have little blood blisters /spots all over my torso (hope thats how you spell it) every time i look theres another one start like red pin prick and grow when my INR is low they are dark red when INR high they become bigger and bright red.Going to ask GP about them at next vist.

    sharon xx

  • mine look like a nat bite and i scrath it.. and get small red blodvesels all over my face.. some times my arms and legs look like enyone get skin pains...

  • Mine look like nat bites but only get them on neck and chin. I have the cornbeef like rash all over my body was diagnosed with sneddons/APS through the rash it has got a name but my brain wont work at the moment!!!

  • Check out the symptoms of Lupus.

  • bed bugs lol .. i have the same simtoms as you.. and i think it has to do with hughes...

  • I have many of those small red "dots" on my skin all over and I have bed bugs, I live in an apt building and they are moving around here fast No exterminator until Monday, March 27th. They itch like crazy. I need legal help.

  • Hi Jules 102

    You can be happy you know it is not Hughes Syndrome/APS as that blood-illness will never go away.

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • unless you have suddenly had someone return from staying in a hotel so that their case could have transported Bedbugs into your home, it is safe to assume that it is not them. They don't just arrive in your home from nowhere!!

    Do you have pets? Sometimes the rash/bites can look like flea bites apparently and far more plausible than BB! If so check them for the flea dirt. treat them with the stuff you put on the back of the pets neck once a month and hoover all your carpets, sofas and mattresses and wash all the pets bedding.

    If after all that you STILL have the rash......its probably Hughes!!!! I had same problem on wafarin and when I came off the rash stopped. Still get itchy though especially if I get too hot buy that may be down to dry skin and SS. I also have lots of the red slightly raised mole like spots, think they are called purpura and they seem to be increasing on me.

  • i have hamsters and i do alot of gardening it look like a rash but when you look very close you can see the bite in the middle of the rash

  • I have a permanent red sore on my left elbow, it is dry but nothing seems to help it to heal. I have had this about five years, it itches at times. I also have red spots on my forearms, but so does my husband and although he is on a lot of similar medication he does not have APS. The thenar eminences on my hands (these are the soft raised areas each side of the palm), go mottled and red and when I am having a flare-up they look almost purple. I have been having the hand problems since long before I was diagnosed with APS, in fact, I thought it was the polish the cleaner was using on my work desk, I even asked her to stop using it! poor woman she apologised for using it!! The corned beef looking skin has to do with APS I have read this in the information from Prof. Hughes. Not sure about bed bugs!! I know my poor mum had to suffer them when she was a child and they were very poor, but I think they are bright red and they itch, I think they are larger than the spots I get. Not sure about this one...

  • Hi Christine

    I get an itchy rash on my lower legs too and the skin gets very rough.

    I also get little red spots, which are slightly rough in texture, om my face and upper body. They seem to last just a few days and go as suddenly as they arrive, leaving no mark where they have been. Does this sound familiar?

    Best wishes.


  • MIne are just red spots that look like blood under the skin

    i have found mine come up more when it hot and stress makes the rash worse

  • Thank you every one i am glad that i am not the only one. i was put on steroids last year for the rash but it made so high i could not sleep which is nothing new to me as i get 2-3 hour sleep a night and than i toss and turn,

    Jet i am so sorry to hear about your dad it hard when you lose them i still miss mine even after 19 years

    i had a new carpet put down last year and the doctor said it could have been in that. found a few today as i have steam my bed, but there only bite my lower legs no where else,

  • christine- i just went thru a bad deal with a rash that resembled bee stings welts that got extremely red and itchy, they went from neck to my feet, then my head swelled enough to cause my ear lobs to split as well as my lips, and nose, my swelled shut, and skin drouped- doc said it was 2 differnt things - predisone for 1 week , couldnt be on it longer because of its effects on avn, benadryl helped but began to dry me out. this all started dec 26 th and it still effecting me doc s are still trying to come up with a cause ?? will let you know if they can figure it all out ----jet

  • please i have sprayed my whole room with bug spray and steam every thing that i can, i am not looking forward to summer as my arms where so red last year that i had to wear a blouse all the time to cover them up

  • Christine, you say you have hamsters. Could they have got infested with fleas? You could tell easily by parting their fur and looking for what looks like coffee grounds. Do they scratch very much? If it is fleas then its possible its spread to your home and you will have to treat them, you and the house. If not then as already said probably something to do with the autoimmune system.

    Jet - so sorry to hear about your dad. Thinking of you. Try not to get too upset although I know thats easier said than done. Things will get easier although its hard to imagine that now. x

  • there dont have any i as check them every day, it may be something in the garden as i am all ways out there pulling up weeds and it only the lower leg so it could be that

  • it could be an allergic reaction to a plant

  • we have loads of cats using the garden and i am out feeding the birds every day so i may have picked some thing up from that

  • Have you had platelets checked to make sure they are not low? That can cause those tiny red spots that look like blood.....

  • No I have not i am due another blood test next month for my diabetics and the nurse has now been doing a clotting test as well so i can ask about that as well thank you

  • Hi

    I too have rashes and itch a lot. I'm allergic to lots of things too. I get sores that will not heal. I also have what look like blood spots under skin, lots of them.

    I am currently using boots calendula cream for itches (instead of steroid cream) and boots arnica for bruising, cos bruises appear like magic and stay around for ages.

    Take care gentle hugs love sheena xxxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

  • I get bruise very easy and half the time there just show up, my diabetic nurse cave me E 45 and i have Dermamist spray for my back but some times i found a ice pack help as it cools the skin down

  • hi - my friend - i was in high hopes that you would be getting some relief from this by now. rash is almost gone on upper body - still having skin prollems on feet though. skin comes off in sheets , but i think it is getting a little better. if this helps i been using[ renew-skin repair cream-made by -derma-rite] this i use on feet.- upper body i been using[pro-advantage by-ndc] this they use in the hospitals,and nursing homes, it works well for me.sheena would so much like to hear that you are getting better with this . as well as the rest of you guys with this. pain in the butt scrathy eachy ,flakey- mess. with me it was a butt problem , making sitting a pleasure. people would look at me squirming in my seat. a can just imagine what was going thru their heads ???? [ wow] . maybe i should of had our suzy boot it out of me!!!!!!---------almost there with things -------jet

  • Hi there

    The corned beef rahs is called livedo reticularis and is a symptom of both sneddons and APS. If the other rash and itching is on the calfs and making the skin a bit shiny then it's quite likely to be phlebitis which is all to do with dodgy veins and iffy circulation. if you are getting this then please please monitor it because these areas can very easily become inflamed and if the skin breaks ulcers can develop. My husband, who doesn't have APS, has had his veins ulcerate and it is now a lifelong problem even after vein surgery. I do have APS and my inflamed calf veins have not broken the skin so when they flare I keep my legs elevated and have lots of gentle massage.

    Don't forget APS affects every organ in your body - the skin is the biggest organ of your body. Most of the rashes, spots etc arent' going to be anything more than an irritation (pardon the pun) but, as we are always being advised here, if you are worried or concerned....get it checked out. It's your skin and you know if it's not right.

    If you're squeamish don't google spots,lol

    Love Sharon x

  • Hi, I am going thur this right now,my left ankle and the top of my foot,and on the back of both my calfs,I have red raw skin,that itches,and has raised little white bumps that when they break hurt and ooze clear fluid.I went 2 the dr.a little over a wk. ago and he thought it was ringworm with a fungus infection,but when I went back 2 let him c it 2day he said it was ulcers,and now I have 2 go 2 the wound cl.2 b debreefed, he says it is now from poor circulation in my foot and legs,I can not wear my hose or my sleves on my machine at night due 2 the open sores,hope this helps some1 and I will update on me as it happens this next month,Tina

  • Hi Tina

    Ulcers are nasty things i hope there can help you get rid of them and please let us know how you get on

    i have nerve test done on both my feet twice a year due to my diabetics.

    I am going to see my doctor next week so he can talk about My APS and tell me more about the spots and rashes.

    I walk up must mornings with spam/cornbeef hand but it only because my skin is hot and than it goes once i am up,

    I found out Yesterday that i have a Kidney infection and was passing blood so i am waiting for the test to come

    thank you again every one for your help


  • Hi i get this on my feet and just up lower legs told was inflammation of small blood vessels, can now see could be hughes aswell.......only worse when general flare.bites could be seek medical input again do you see a skin specialist at all?

  • i am seeing a doctor tomorrow and no i dont see a skin specialist at all

  • I had red ichy small spots on my upper leg when it was near summer and I went to the doctors and they said its a kind of burn. The doctor suggested sudo crem

  • Hi.

    What you say reminds me of a condition i had called scabies. It is human skin bugs. I am not a doctor so you should always consult a doctor before taking advice. What helped me is an ointment called lyclear or some other ointment with permethrin. For me the cause was probably an over use of heating pad to treat back pain.

    Hope this helps.

  • I get rashes of stress

  • I know this is an old thread but I had to comment. I hope you have found a solution by now. I just went through hell and back and this is what I had. I was getting bitten by 'invisible' bugs concentrated on my legs then moved up my back and on to my scalp. It felt like a million bugs crawling all over me. It was a nightmare literally sooner they are typically more active at night. It's not scabies since that is concentrated on your hands. I took my only pet can that is only indoors and they said I had fleas. I could see fleas ands never saw anything up to this point. After flea meds and shampoo I finally started seeing adult fleas in his bathwater 2 or 3 weeks in. But fleas werent my only problem. Fleas were gone 2 months later and I still had crawly bugs and kitty kept bitting at his paws. I dots some research after another trip to the vet was a waste of time and not helpful. I had bird mites! Look them up. They ate almost impossible to get rid of. I had to throw out all the rugs in the house and some furniture clothes shoes coats etc. I'm still extremely nervous being in my own home after 3 months of hell. I almost went insane. Look up the bites,they look very different bite marks. Mine were pin head small red dots in clusters that itch terribly worse than any other biting bug I've ever encountered. They are on your legs because they live in carpet and upholstery blue windex kills them on contact. They don't live on us or your pets so the will leave but as soon as it's light they come looking for food, primarily the bathroom. Good luck

  • After developing eczema as an adult I tried many different "eczema" lotions. Nothing truly helped and it got so bad I had red, itchy rashes all over my calves, arms, and hands. Foderma serum finally helped, and I continue to use it daily to keep eczema at bay. I also like the anti-itch cream if I do suffer an outbreak, but the moisturizer had been so helpful I usually don't need anything else.

  • Hi LeeannElisha,

    Do you have Hughes Syndrome/Antiphosphoipidsyndrome? Did it help for our illness?

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I have the same symptoms. Doc has no answer for it

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