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Another miscarriage even after treatment

I'm just going through my 6th consecutive loss in 18 months I have had one positive lupus anticoagulant test and have been started on 75mg and clexane 40mg once a day for the past two pregnancies but have still continued to lose the pregnancy before seven weeks, last week we managed to get a good strong heartbeat on the scan to miscarry 16 hours later. We are absolutely devastated and I just don't want to keep going through this but really want another baby. The treatment is working to a certain extent as we are getting to heartbeat stage and we weren't when not on it but I'm wondering if its enough. Anyone been through anything similar and got any advise for me ? X

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I am so sorry for your loss, this must be very very stressful and upsetting, please give yourself some breathing space and gather friends and relatives around you for support, we are here for you! Mary F x


Sorry, no advice, but I wanted to tell you how sad I am for your loss. My last miscarriage was the first (and only) one I'd had after being diagnosed and monitored. Although I have had ridiculous amounts of miscarriages, I always tryed to keep my pain private for fear my husband would want to stop trying if he had any idea.

For some reason - I think it was hope - the last one destroyed me, so I get something of what your going through. That was about 2 years ago, and I was right, my husband said we should take a brake.

I was hurt and angry at first, but now we've just started trying again, I can see his point. I spent the whole of my last pregnancy so tense and scared to move the stress must have contributed to the problem. Sooner or later, continuance loss cannot be dealt with. I'm sure like me, your totally against taking a brake from trying- but ask yourself if you need to take a brake - before it brakes you.

Take some time to recover - good luck whatever you decide


So sorry for your losses, words can't ease your pain, but take strength from your loved ones, friends, and people on here that really care. Take a little time for you, and for recovery, let your body pick up, ask your doctors if they think your treatment is adequate, take a big deep breath and then smile - and say I will beat this - I will achieve this - hard at sad times I know but do-able - lots of hugs



Im so very very sorry for your loss and can feel your pain and frustration. I know others who have been through similar will come on and offer further support and advice.

Be kind to yourself xx


Big hugs to you Lisa. My heart breaks for you.

Like you I have lost several babies but I do have 3 live children as well. The last one was born with the help of aspirin and clexane. For some that is enough. Other women require a different dose or other things added into the mix, or starting the clexane whilst trying to conceive.

Please consider joining us on the sister group Hughes Syndrome Pregnancy Support Group (click on my name for the link) and there you will find many more women on a similar journey who can share their experiences with you.


Could you try 5mg high dose folic acid too - I swear this helped me x Thinking of you xx


I'm really sorry about your loss. As emmaj said, perhaps you should take 5mg of folic acid as well as 75mg of aspirine. Ask your doctor about the 40mg of clexane, based in my own experience, I think it wasn't enough, my gynaecologist recommend me to take 60mg b/d, but everybody is different, that is why I tell you to consult this.

My thoughts are with you.


I am so very sorry for your losses. It is a pain no one should go through. I had 3 m/c. I do understand your pain. I did go on to have my 3rd son..but the ppregnancy was very complicated. I was in BA. and Heparin was on stand by. I saw my peri every 2 weeks. Which included echos every 2 weeks. I hope you get your answers. Take your time to heal. Good luck and prayers.


I am so sorry for your losses it is truly heartbreaking.

For my third pregnancy after two miscarriages at 6 weeks I was prescribed progesterone and 75mg aspirin and got to 12 weeks before I miscarried. I then had a private TEG test that found that even on 75mg my blood was still clotting too much and so the dose needed upping.

I have been prescribed 150mg aspirin, 40mg celaxne (or equivalent heparin) plus 5mg folic acid and progesterone pessaries in my next pregnancy. If this is not successful then they would look at adding other things in.

Wishing you all the very best of luck xxx


I have lost 7 in total but recently had my second and final child. my last miscarriage was at 14 wks (not discovered until 16 wks. this prompted me to get specialist and as the clexane and aspirin just wasn't doing enough. after seeing Dr Rai at St Marys in London I was put on steroids as soon as getting a positive pregnancy test. thankfully this did the trick (although both my girls were early and low birth weight). good luck and maybe push for a referral to see a specialist. fingers crossed for you. Hugs Kate xxx


So sorry to hear about ur loss, have you been

Tested for natural killer cells? I read that if you have

Had multiple miscarriages this could be the cause

But it isn't offered on the NHS that I know of.

If you look it up there is a lot of info on it. Also I think

There is some sort of very distant link with raised natural

Killer cells and APS - or autoimmune conditions in general

I have a similar story and am trying to get tested for it


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