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Back on community after a long while - just a catch, up, a moan, and a hello to all

Back on community after a long while - just a catch, up, a moan, and a hello to all

Hi to you all. Sorry I haven't been in touch for such a long time. It has been a very hard year. I have never seen so much water in my life. In fact speaking to old shepherds here, 70+ years, and they have never seen anything like it. The water falls out the sky constantly, and due to 100% saturation, comes back up out the ground, as path of least resistance. Mud everywhere. Machines stuck in fields through July, still stuck in august, and still falling over while trying to walk dog on what used to be a grass field, now reduced to porridge. Even Darach, the dog, trudged through his first summer of life with his head down. Thousands of pounds lost in business, machines costing more to fix as they struggle to work harder in the conditions..............and then it snowed...........the longest winter on record, starting April 2012, and now just beginning to wain, under a hopeful and optimistic march sun........could this really be spring??

It has been hard, and I suffer from depression, wether Hughes' related or not, it does grind you down. If you don't suffer from depression, and you are working land, then you probably do have it now. This coupled with recession, which keeps coming back to bite us, has just been the icing on a very sour cake. Not a happy laddy! However, we struggle on, and to be honest I have spent months just not wanting to talk to anyone, hence my abscence. Also things that should take 3 hours, take 5, because of the conditions. Having Hughes' and battling this has had its own issues. I am constantly exhausted, and lack any motivation. Another reason for my silence.

My foot is giving me problems, just as I am about to start lambing, and I could well do with a wee break. BUT DO YOU KNOW THIS....? I happened to nip on to the community page this morning, to blog a bit, and read of others with their troubles, and that in itself gives you a feeling of not being alone in this world, with the cursed aps....Jet, having to face his op, and associated complications; Suzy has had her world turned upside down, and has to cope emotionally and physically with hughes' as well as the effects of her problems................and do you know this, I feel as if I want to reach out and give her a massive hug, and support her all the way. I want to give Jet a great pat on the back, and help him get through the medical problems giving him such grief..........just to name a couple; and my problems are just part of this nasty situation we are all in, which occassionally collides catastrophically with our daily lives.

Yet, here we all are, all held together with one common problem; one terrible cloud that hangs above us all, even when the sun does shine, it can be grey in our world. Very few understand the stoney silence we have all come to accept as the best course of conversation to those who do not suffer.

"They do not want to hear my problems again, they cannot comprehend them anyway", .......how many times have you said that to yourself?

Well, here, you can. And here people listen, and more importantly understand what you are going through. Maybe not the personal life situations, but the feelings of despair and loneliness are all too common among us, and that thread is the yarn, that spins the wool, which knits the big jersey we all feel safe in......this, the Hughes' Syndrome Community. Thank you all for being there, and I am sorry I haven't been there as much for you. And with lambing round the corner, it could be a while before I get back. But just remember, we all get the emails, and we all know any issues current, and I am thinking of you all.

Should the sun come out, may the wind blow that terrible grey cloud away, if only for a while. Let all of us feel its warmth, on our faces, and our backs for just a moment. And remember, we are glad to be here, and with friends and contacts like those on this forum....what better reason than to take strength from others, and enjoy those rays of sunshine. Have some hope. And when that grey cloud rolls back in....we are always here for us all.

Take care every one.

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Hi Andrew, How great to hear from you and what a wonderful blog from you. You have said in such beautifully eloquent words what many of us would struggle to say, so thank you for saying it for us. I feel you should spin and make us a Hughes Syndrome sweater from your lovely lambs wool, perhaps we could auction it and make some money! Do you sell your wool?

I too like you am yearning for some sun, not just to see it but to feel it on my face and my body and I pray it will shine on you and your land so that you can do well and have an easier time of it. I will be thinking of you, take care yourself and thanks again for taking the time to write. xx


Hi there, lovely to hear from you and to read your up to date blog. I am sure that mud is due to dry up soon.. and that the dog will pep up. Happy lambing to you, and I hope things become more cheerful for you. Keep in touch, news is always great. Mary F x


Hi Andrew,

Good to hear from you! Sending big but gentle hugs, gosh what a year you've had, I'm sure lots of us can empathise and feel your frustration.

I too am hoping for a seriously large helping of sunshine, beautiful blue skies to cheer us all up!

Here's to a better year, with better weather and much improved health for us all!!!

Take care love Sheena xxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Hi Andrew...what a beautiful thing to write. Im fairly new to this site but the outpouring of support and knowledge has been uplifting to me. I worked on a farm for twelve years and witnessing the ewes give birth were some of my favorite memories. Thank you for sharing and blue and sunny skies to you...Teresa


Thank you Andrew that was a wonderful.warm and beautiful blog. It must be hard to have this illness and the responsibilities of farming. I hope conditions improve this year sunshine. would probably help with the depression. I wonder if you have used vitamin d supplements at all. I have a friend who has had a long struggle with depression and she has found that it has helped. She takes a higher dose through the winter. I have been taking it too and found that it has helped with the Hughes symptoms . Thanks fir getting in touch. All the best Ann


Bless you Andrew, that was really nice :)

What a lovely heart warming post, you are a very thoughtful man & I wish you all the best.

I am always here if you want to chat......

I thought you may have found the weather a struggle with your farm......it's been horrible for the everyday person...let alone people that rely on better weather to make a living :(

I'm sending you a hug back........just to keep you going too with all you're having to go through x


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