APS & Recurrent Miscarriage

After a great many years of trying to conceive, I am 16 weeks pregnant. God willing, a sucessful birth.

I have had 10 miscarriages, one live birth (my son of 22), & and have just lost one of the twins that I'm carrying now, at 10 weeks.

When I was younger I had so many miscarriages and it was put down to my rhesus negative blood. After I had my son, I decided I would just have one child and be greatful for that.

A decade & half later decided to try again. I had my coil removed at 39 and and fell pregnant the following summer. All of the excitement kicked in for my partner and I, though knowing my sketchy history of recurrent miscarriage. At 12 weeks I went for a scan only to discover it was a missed miscarriage. I was referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic at our local hospital. They decided to put me on low dose aspirin and get me pregnant quickly, as time was running out. I fell a couple months later. Excitedly I was going to the clinic every 5 days for a scan. All was going well, then at 6w5d following my scan and whispers between the doctors, I was given a heprin injection and told I would be self administering daily until I reached 34 weeks. They rescheduled my next scan 5 days later and sent on my merry way with no explanation. By the 4th day I knew what was coming, the back ache and dull pain. Sure enough the bleed. After the miscarriage I returned to the clinic only to be told they were closing down and I could try St Mary's recurrent miscarriage clinic.

St. Mary's were brilliant. As soon as I walked in the door they ran loads of tests and scans., including the test for APS. After my 6 weeks repeat bloods, I was called in for the results.

I was told I have APS (Hughes Syndrome) and I were to follow a strick protocal of 75mg low dose aspirin and a 40mg of clexane (Heprin) until 34 weeks then continue 6 weeks after birth. I was also advised to think about egg donation as

my age, by then, was advanced at 43.

Here I am 19 months later, 16 weeks pregnant and happily self administering daily injections to keep my blood thin.

God has blessed me with a beautiful cousin whom selflessly donated her eggs so we could be blessed with a child.

Don't ever give up when there is always hope.

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  • What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it. I had my 5th miscarriage early this year and I've been told that I'm in the early stage of the menopause. Quite hard news to take as I'm only 40 and no kids. I always have the hope that one day something good would happen but I haven't had so much luck. Your story gives hope to those who lost it.☺

  • Stay strong and never give up. I'll keep you in my prayers

  • What a lovely story of hope and I'm keeping everything crossed that this pregnancy continues well for you. I too was helped by the lovely people at St Mary's (I used to see Raj Rai) and was 39 when I managed to have my second child at the end of 2005. It was there that I learned that I had APS and 'a lupus-like syndrome' as they then called it but has now been reclassified as Primary Sjogrens Syndrome. We did try again when I was in my early 40s but I also had fertility problems as well as miscarriage issues and it wasn't meant to be but I know just how lucky I was to have my two children when some people cannot have any at all. Please let us all know how things go for you x

  • . . . just thought I would add this info about Mr Rai as he actually has a special interest in APS and pregnancy: rajrai.info/ I thought he was a fantastic doctor and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone - I think you can ask your own doctor to refer you to St Mary's as this is what happened to me or of course if you can afford it, you can go private.

  • Thank you so much for your kind words. Let's hope the future testings are quicker for women so there isn't so much sorrow.

  • Wow, thank you for such a detailed account, and I have everything crossed for you, please try and stay stress free and keep us updated. May on here have been through similar. MaryF

  • Sending you positive thoughts for a healthy and safe pregnancy.

    I had my miracle baby at age 43 after several miscarriages ...there is hope

  • Thank you for sharing your story.

    I have had one miscarriage, two second trimester losses with almost 23 and 24 weeks and three chemical pregnancies. Today I'm 31 weeks with 40 mg clexane daily and baby aspirine. So Hopefully I'll be a succes story in a couple weeks.

    Wishing you a happy a healthy pregnancy!

  • Sending you lots of luck and prayers for a healthy baby.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story. It does give hope to others to read this and of course we all collectively are holding our breath and wishing you the very best of luck for everything to go smoothly. Please do keep us updated x

  • I am so touched by your story. You sound like a very strong person--I pray for you that everything goes well and that you give birth to a wonderful baby.

  • I wish you the best..I also have APS diagnosed when I was 16 yrs old. I am.not 30 and have been trying to have baby #2 for 10 years (I have a 11 year old) with no luck. I wanted to know if you were put on any medication before you conceive?

  • No. I just lead a very healthy life style of walking 2 miles a day and eating a high protein diet with plenty of fruit and veg per day.

    Because it was ivf, once my blastocyst were put in they put me on prednisolone for 3 months at 25 ml per day.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes for you. Never give up.

  • I just wanted to update everyone and to let you know the joy of our precious little Alexis Klea being born on the 28th of January. She is a healthy thriving baby girl. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes.

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