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Support for pregnancy, miscarriage and female issues and APLS

I wasn't sure where to put this information so hope I'm in the correct spot and not treading on any toes.

If you have APLS and have something of a female nature that you would like to discuss, or need support with, we have a wonderful support group at

We mostly get women who have lost babies or are trying to have a baby but it is also a good place to discuss any other private female issues that might involve APLS that you don't particularly want to talk about in front of the guys :-)

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Nice to know you are there.....


Hi tassie no treading on toes at all its all about ensuring people get the support they want so they can go to your group or speak to the ladies on here to get advice on what you have said it is all about choice. It would be nice to have more details on you your profile so people can see who you are we ask all those that promote there group to give information about themselves that way our members ghave a good idea who you are.

Glad to see the group going strong.



Thanks Paddy. I have added a bit to my profile so members can know a little more about me.


Hi Tassie i was a regular on this site prior to having my little one i lost three babies due to SLE and APS and had a PE during pregnancy but was blessed at 43yr old with my son, the site is very supporting and a wealth of information too, i often browse the blogs still, keep up the good work


HI Kaysie. I'm so glad that you found the support you needed with us. I had my last bub at 43 too.

I was amazed to see we have nearly 900 members! I don't usually check so I'm blown away.

So sad that so many woman and babies are affected. I wish it was a journey none of us had to travel but I'm also glad that we can support each other and often have a happy ending.


Hi tassie

The more support the better, I`m glad you spreading the info. I could really have done with somewhere to go when I lost my babies, so is good to know that others have that.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


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