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Weight stresses


👋 ,I am struggling with my weight. I am addicted to food. I need to lose 4 stone😥☹️😥

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Hi 42008,

Has your doctor suggested that you go on a low carb high protein diet? When was your last appointment? Do you have any food allergies? Here’s the link to the Healthy Eating Topic for ideas for meals. healthunlocked.com/healthye...

42008 in reply to Activity2004

I am morbidly obese. No allergies, over 50 years old and yes Dr says I have to lose the weight as my heart will not take much more, my feet are killing me and husband is now having an affair with a slim beautiful girl at work. I am devastated. Thanks for the link

Activity2004Administrator in reply to 42008

Thank you for letting me know that your doctor wants you to change your diet. Do you count carbs.?

I’m sorry your husband is acting like that. If you want to talk about anything, please let me know anytime.

Glad you can use the link.😀👍

MARYDOLL123 in reply to 42008

So sorry about your husband concentrate on yourself x

yellowfuschia in reply to 42008

there are some amazing replies on here to help you along. What lovely people! Look after yourself, dont worry about what your husband is getting up to, hopefully you will have the courage to tell him to leave, then you can focus on yourself. Believe me, it is easier to do than you would think. I was married 40yrs and my ex got involved with a woman same age as our daughter, she told me she would take him to the cleaners. Indeed she did and he wanted to come back to me. Too late though. I lost weight, went back to uni to complete the studies I had given up when we got married and am in a much better place now. I follow the Dr Mosely eating plan and the Diabetes Uk recipes too. I am type I Diabetic and on insulin so have to be really careful with my diet. I felt a total failure to be left for a young, beautiful slim woman, but she was only out for his money. Sometimes life throws things at us for a reason. I wish you all the luck and love in the world. Keep safe, keep happy and remember, you are the most important person right now. Look after yourself!

42008 in reply to yellowfuschia

Thank you. I am going to make the best decision for myself and my emotional health. I will survive this. Time to talk to a solicitor me thinks😅

yellowfuschia in reply to 42008

See if you can do financial mediation first. It isn't easy, but it makes sense to sort it all out amicably if possible, before going the solicitor route. keep yourself busy, keep well and above all, just know that YOU are going to get there with support from those who truly do care about and love you. x

42008 in reply to yellowfuschia

Thank you. I don’t feel alone anymore. I can come here and safely vent😂😂

Buick29 in reply to 42008

Hi there, as said many times in the replies YOU are the important one here, and sure you’ll find many people on this forum that will support you on your journey. One site i go to regularly for recipies, tips and advice is getfiturself.com there is a lot of good info/inspiration on that site, check it out it just might help you out! Stick with your plan, get yourself into a good place again and take care out there.

Try to give up cakes, biscuits, bread and fruit juice, then your hunger hormones will start to work normally. That will do for a start. It would be good to cut down on carbs generally, but it's hard to do everything at once.

sandoval22 in reply to Eryl

Surely if you are addicted to food it is a mental problem and you need hypnotherapy.

Eryl in reply to sandoval22

Without changing the diet it's impossible to beat the addiction with any therapy. High carb diets raise insulin levels and promote a release of dopamine which is one reason people feel addicted to food, but they also promote the release of the hunger hormone ghrelin and supppress the satiety hormone leptin. This means that if you cut down on carbs, especially refined ones which trigger a spike in blood sugar your hormones work as they should which makes the mental battle against the addiction to dopamine easier.

42008 in reply to Eryl

Thank you. Clearing all sugary foods from cupboards as I write this. I’ll start with a walk of 3 km three times a day, and built up. I don’t know how I will cope without rice though, I love it, can eat a whole pot by myself especially if it’s freshly cooked and hot😥

Whydothis in reply to 42008

You are completely right to clear your cupboards of anything containing sugar. When it comes to carbs like rice, try to cut them down, rather than cutting them out altogether. Make sure you eat brown rice rather than white, and the same goes for other cereals - eat in moderation, but always the whole versions, not the ruined ones. Then replace what you have cut out with lots and lots of veggies, and some extra protein. Don't be afraid of having fat in your diet - some is good for you and helps you not to feel hungry. Stick to natural foods such as cheese and yogurt, not reduced fat versions.

Hopefully you can pick out what suits you from all the suggestions, improve your health, and start feeling better and happier.

All the best with it.

Eryl in reply to Whydothis

I was about to reply about changing to brown rice. It's good for fibre and has many nutrients that are lost in processing white rice, so weight for weight it's lower in calories than white rice.

On the exercise point. Changing the diet has ten times more effect than exercise, which will be hard and will tend to increase your appetite and cravings at first. As you get used to the diet your weight will come down and make it easier to exercise.

Good luck.

So do I. I love crisps and chocolate

You can't change a diet if you are addicted to sugar (carbs). That's like asking someone to give up smoking. More people die from obesity now than from smoking but there are no warning labels on food.

You are not addicted to food. You are letting food control you. Your emotions your mental well being. Can I just give one piece of advice. LOOK at food before you eat it and ask yourself why am I eating this. And if it's because you're lonely, angry, bored, fed up, or just don't care. PUT IT DOWN. It's controlling you by putting it down you take back control. Just a suggestion from a well meaning person.

42008 in reply to Mac333

Thank you. Will try the suggestion. Thank you

Mac333 in reply to 42008

Take your time just examine anything you want to put in your mouth. Like a prescription if it's not needed you don't need to take it. Slowly surely you will understand that food can't control you. I'm not one of those who suggest you eat a carrot instead of cake. Just look and decide why you want to eat it. Best wishes.

hi if you are addicted to food its not a problem eat healthy food instead of junk food and you must have a exercise plan and a morning walk schedule. don't be lazy and try to workout after taking food you. you must have to sweat out. do your exercise and morning walk daily you will feel good results soon.

Try getting some nice, big crunchy apples in to use as snacks. If you can get a weekly menu going you should be able work out a menu that will enable you to consistently lose about one llb a week.

Exercise is good , there is a clear link between losing weight and exercise. If you can do 5,000 steps you can burn about 250 calories extra, 10,000 steps will burn about 500 calories. There is plenty of research showing increasing your step count from 4000 steps to 8,000 has marked effects on reducing the risk of heart disease by about 50%

Consider joining Weight Watchers or similar for mental support, get a fitbit or similar to track your activity and take up line dancing to get you mobile. As your fitness improves you might want to really go for it and try zumba.

Consider learning French or Spanish to keep yourself busy and distract yourself from thinking about food or take up karate. You can think about your husband while you do it!

42008 in reply to Ianc2

😂😂😂😂that’s a good idea. I definitely will be taking karate classes as soon as I am thin enough to lift my fat legs 😂😂😂

Eryl in reply to 42008

Try cycling. It's low impact and you can select a gear that suits your speed.

Hi I also needed to lose weight l lost 2.5 stone from 17st using nutracheck app

It made me scan products and sort calbs and fat and sugar as I am a diabetic 2

42008 in reply to Dovetrees

Oh thanks 🙏. I will look into this.

Hi I am a stress eater and have tried every quick fix diet around. During lockdown I had a good think . I started walking and my mood and fitness improved . Walking is excellent for helping to improve your wellbeing, in fact any exercise so find something that you enjoy. I started with short walks then built on that. With regards to food I decided to calorie count and allow myself room for more indulgent days by spreading my calorie count over the week . I felt this provided a long term strategy for me . I’m carb aware and I have cut down on them a lot. If I have a bad day I don’t let it influence future days ( if you buy a pack of blueberries and find one bad blueberry, would you throw the whole pack out or just remove the bad one and enjoy the rest of the packet) Find the one that suits you. The one thing you need to remember, above everything is that you deserve the best. You can do this and you have so much support on this site . You are not alone on this journey. You’ve got this !!

42008 in reply to Sazza47

Ooh, thank you so much. That got me emotional. I have already got so many ideas and much support from here. It’s been 3 days now of eating a big salad, protein, and drinking 2 litres water. I have cut down on carbs ( but yesterday couldn’t resist a boiled potato whilst cooking for my son, also had a cheese salad sandwich ) I am walking 3km a day. It’s a start and the journey will be rough but I have you guys here and can do this.

I'm the same have to lose because of diabetes 2 but struggling to find ideas for meals

yogahaze in reply to underhill3

I switched to a meal delivery service for a couple of months, tried hello fresh and Gousto. Just helped with cooking fresh, not too many decisions and it arrived on time so no shoddy planning. Really helped break some habits and it was fun cooking. As we’ve settled into a new routine we’ve stopped. But have continued ordering food online and planning to minimise temptation. It’s doable. Just make some small changes and swops, cut down on the bad bits and try really noticing how you feel after each meal. I really started to notice I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable after a large or processed meal. Helped to make better decisions.

have a look on the diabetes uk website. There are some amazing recipes on there for every palate. Good luck, you can turn Type 2 diabetes on the head, check out Dr Mosely's books online.. they are free and he showed how to get your HB1Ac back to normal levels and your Cholesterol and BP too. He isn't a weird person, he did a lot of stuff on tv last year, I follow him and my Type1 Insulin dependant diabetes is much better controlled since . Good luck.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to yellowfuschia


Have you looked at the Low Carb Topic ideas for meals/snacks? We also have a Diabetes Topic under the Topics section. For the Low Carb Topic, go to: healthunlocked.com/healthye...

Hope this helps. :-)

In my experience, weight loss is facilitated by a plant based diet. Not only is is a viable option in losing weight, but keeping it off. Eating more fruits and vegetables will certainly help in the long run. This as such, there is something with Keto that works, however health wise, all that fat that you would be in taking wont be good for the long run. A good overall balanced diet, with more fruit and vegetable would be really good. I just read today that Pumpkin flower is good for weight loss.

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