morning again I find myself scoffing everything that's fattening, I had a major slip up when I lost the first 1/2 stone. I have been watching portion sizes re food intake but its the choc and sweet stuff that et me down seriously I am now 12 1/2 stone so half st heavier than I was... Today I will start yet again and try to change my attitude about food and exercise in general, maybe walk the dogs later today after chores and appointments. So again I ask wish me luck on my never ending journey!


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  • Good luck on your weight loss chocolate is my downfall as well i don't cut it out completely because it's not a diet for me it's a change for life and i can't really see myself living without it lol so it's onwards and downwards👍😀

  • lol! I feel the same about chocolate and sweet stuff, I had some sweets  last night, only a few, so not denying myself yet and yes your right its about changing for life xx

  • Yep I know that feeling.  I started a healthy eating plan and was six pounds heavier!!! I now put my treats for the day in a drawer - everything else is in the garage - and hold out for as long as I can.  Now losing half pound or one pound each week. Not easy but I'm 62 and this has to be a new way of eating for life.  Good luck

  • I have a very sweet tooth & started eating sultanas & unsalted nuts  I allow 25g of each & weigh everything so as not to over indulge, this seems to help with the sweet tooth problem. I've lost 19lbs so far so it's coming off slowly. Good luck I'm sure you will get back on track. 

  • I cooked up some sugar-free fat-free flapjacks yesterday - they fill that "must eat something sweet" need and take ages to chew!  Just mix two mashed over-ripe bananas with a mugful of porridge oats, a handful of chopped apricots or dates, some cinnamon & pinch of salt - press down onto some baking paper in a tin and cook for 25 mins or until beginning to brown at the edges.  Cut into squares whilst still warm and leave in the tin to cool. 

    Got to have some alternatives to hand in this battle of ours!

  • Wow they sound good DartmoorDumpling! I luv your recipes! I will definitely try this one! Thanks 😜

  • Have you tried a different paradigm? Does what you eat satisfy you? Try eating less (though not eliminating) grains, cereals, fruit or potatoes for example, having a little natural fat such as avocado, olive oil or nuts instead; a Mediterranean, balanced way of eating.

  • Start the day with protein.  You will find that you fill up more easily and your body will crave less.

    Have you ever heard of kefir?  users.sa.chariot.net.au/~dn...* It is pro-biotic, a bit like yogurt with knobs on and (this is the point of mentioning it) loads of people report that it curbs their sweet tooth.  I gave some grains to a friend to make his own without mentioning that but it was the first thing he mentioned when he reported back.

    It is better if you can make your own, it has more pro-biotics in it, but it is a bit like having a tamagotchi - you have to feed it or it will die (eventually).

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