Iam 56 years of age have a variety of health problems which may be improved by weight loss, how hard can it be, been to all the weight loss groups over time read healthy eating food books which a ok if you like the foods in them ,I do try but find it very hard as I have sweet tooth which I do try to keep under control then I become obsessed needing something sweet fruit isn't good enough to control this.so at the moment fed-up with myself as I know iam my own worse enemy.


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  • Hi. It's a vicious circle when you have a sweet tooth. You eat sugar, which isn't detected by leptin the satiety hormone, then you crave more sugar and you're never completely satisfied just feeling a bit sick probably. The best advice I can offer (and you won't like it) is to quit all sugar. Fats are ok but sugar causes a host of chronic disease and gains weight too. It's an addiction and the first few days might be tough but once you're over that withdrawl period you'll feel much better. There's lots of evidence and interesting stuff out there. Just Google sugar or go on YouTube and watch 'sugar the bitter truth'

    Good luck

  • thank you for your reply you are right I do feel I have an addiction, I will Google sugar and YouTube and try to kick this terrible need for sugar. maybe then I can start to get somewhere.

  • Scans prove that sugar is addictive; it de-sensitises the pleasure centres of the brain as other addictive substances do. Fructose is particularly hazardous in that it doesn't trigger satiety hormones, it thickens the blood by making red blood platelets sticky, causes NAFLD, and insulin resistance.

    Most people's body uses between 480 and 640 kcals per day as carbohydrate according to Jaminet and Jaminet. This is the optimal amount to ingest.

    If we have too little we can make up some of the deficit from other foods, but it is important that our glycogen reserves don't become too depleted (we can become keto-adapted, but this can take a long time).

    If we consume too much carbohydrate the excess is turned to fat; think foie-gras.

    About a cup or less of low Gi, low fructose, grains, cereals, tubers, root vegetables, legume or fruit (in total) at each meal is sufficient for most people.

    This should be accompanied by a sensible amount of non-starchy vegetables, less than a palm-size of natural protein at most meals, with the balance of what we need made up of natural fat.

    From this, what we eat should still be enjoyable, and help make our appetite controllable.

    I hope this helps.

  • thank you, I do have NAFLD and gallstones so get confused as to what fats to have, as you are more than likely aware, most low fat products are loaded with sugar I found your post very interesting .

  • It's very difficult to find a solution when it comes in losing weight, however, you need to have self control in what you eat. But don't send your self in a spiral of depression, I know many people who are over weight but are very happy, I myself weigh16 stones, I exercise quite a bit to maintain a level of control. Be positive, be careful what you eat, do a bit of exercise and walk for about 15 minutes each day, you will find it's makes a difference. Be in control of yourself.

  • iam trying to have self control I hope by reading what other people are doing and advice given it will help me have even more control ,as to exercise I do exercise most days and walk an hour sometimes more a day.thank you for your reply.

  • thank you, bigleg.

  • Agee nuts help me, I calorie count by numbers, eg hoe many eats and pit in a tiny pot, or sometimes a teas of nut buter

  • Check for parasites its more common than u would think. Opt for non refined sugar such as jagary (sugar cane) we all need a bit of sweetness also raw honey. .. be kind to yourself.. acceptance will help on your journey. Good luck

  • thank you for your message Buddymac.

  • I don't have any experience with weight related health issues so don't know if this will be of any help. I'm a comfort eater by nature and will happily eat sweets and chocolate till I feel ill :-( In attempting to eat a lot more healthy I have found that a small amount of frozen yoghurt satisfies the requirement for something sweet.

  • thank you. I can relate to what you say, my trouble is still having trouble with self control which I feel really bad about, frozen yoghurt very nice but small amount don't know once I start don't think I can leave it alone

  • Hi Buddymac,

    I too am an all or nothing type of person. Cutting down does not compute in my brain :)

    3 weeks ago, after a lifetime of yoyo dieting, I decided to follow a Low Carb High Fat diet. It was completely alien to me, because it went against everything that I'd been taught to believe.

    In one fell swoop, I cut out all wheat products, all processed foods, rice and potatoes and limited my fruit to 100g of blueberries a day. The only "frontline" carbs I eat are 30g porridge oats and 2 oatcakes. I eat masses of salad stuff and veggies, fry everything in olive oil, or butter and use mayo (not sure if that's ok or not :)) I eat meat, fish, eggs and dairy, including milk, which is not recommended.

    The first few days were the hardest, I wasn't hungry, but I did crave the sweet stuff and I had a diabolical headache. However that all passed and I now feel great. I'm not finding it difficult to follow, am having no cravings and have lost 8lbs!! :)

    There's heaps of info about the diet to be found. I'm afraid I'm not really into the science of how, or why it all works, neither am I a disciple trying to recruit followers. My only interest is to get happy and healthy and if I can help others along the way, so much the better.

    If you're interested, there's an online community for LCHF which I've recently joined, which may help you decide if this is the way forward for you.

    I wish you all the best of luck on your journey :)

  • iam glad to hear you have found something that is working for you, I agree all processed foods are not good iam trying to cut right back on carbs but also have to be careful of high fat foods as I have gallstones and fatty liver disease, its hard to know how much carb as some is also needed on a healthy diet but like you I have oats for breakfast and I just brought some oatcakes I have to admit they have a small amount of dark chocolate in them haven't tried them yet, thank you for your reply and I will look at the site to see if I can pick up more idea's .

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