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Weight watchers

I have been to weight watchers to night I have lost 1pound I was 15 stone I am now 14/ 10 I have been going 6 weeks how I have lost it I do not know I have copd and 2new knee replacements so walking to far is a no and going on my wife's walker is also out I do not eat chips bics crips I eat most things I some times have a curry about 1a months ea t out on a Sunday and call it my fat day I eat a lot of fruit I eat bacon sausage (2) beans toms and bread small slice 5seded I do get to go for something else ( I do have 2weaterbix every day may be that's it ???

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Well done, keep up the good work


What is it you eat on a Sunday that you call it your "fat day". There might be a clue there to losing a bit more weight every week. What do you eat on a Sunday ? You seem to be taking about breakfast ( the weetabix) and things. What about the rest of the day ? its good you've lost some weight but perhaps losing a bit more every week could help the knee problems.



One thing I've learned over the last 14 months during which I've lost 7 1/2 stone is that I can't afford fat days. Curries can be really calorific and although I love them I've only had two in all that time. Bread is ok if limited. I've virtually cut it out of my diet and cut down massively on all carbs although for breakfast I have 40g of porridge made with water and some zero fat total yoghurt.

This is not to say I don't allow myself treats but after each calorific treat such as the odd meal out and rare fish and chips, also holidays I am more strict with myself immediately after for the next couple of days or so. This has worked for me so far.

I used to eat out twice a week at least and never considered diet but that's how I got to be an unfit, obese, lazy bloke who weighed over 21 stones. I now have only 6lbs to go to achieve the healthy BMI weight.

Congratulations on your weight loss so far but to really progress your weight loss you do have to be self disciplined and cut out some of your favourite things.

I don't want to preach or minimise your weight loss I am just giving my experience which was to basically alter totally the types of food I eat. There are healthy options for a lot of meals including curries.

Good luck for the future.


I am only trying to point out that every shop you go into all the health food is sky high I try to buy fruit greens all low fat food most shop the price is out of my range I eat a lot of veg and brown bread but even that is more than white bread I also eat lettuce and every thing that goes with it even weight watchers food is high it some times cost less to eat out than in I am trying to eat healthy so why donot we get a lower price on health food ?


Well done for losing the weight. Where exercise is concerned, I used to run a lot, but got calf problems. I now cycle, and do not have any issues with my calf. I put it down to cycling not being an impact activity.


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