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Quinoa and red lentil salad bowl πŸ₯—

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Hi everyone,

Here's an easy salad bowl that I made today by cooking red lentils and quinoa together and when it was cooked I added chopped cucumber baby plum tomatoes and chopped white onion with a little chopped coriander and black pepper. I would have added chopped sweet peppers but forgot to buy some.

I love how quinoa looks when cooked with those little curls, quinoa is also a complete food as it contains all the base amino acids, lentils are also very healthy and a great source of magnesium and folic acid which are essential for the absorption of calcium.

This is a simple but very tasty and nutritious meal and as far as carbs go one portion of quinoa contains 20g carbs of which 3g is fibre so a portion of quinoa contains 17g of carbs net.

This is also gluten free and plant based and we are what we eat...😊

7 Replies
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Hi Jerry

Your Easy Salad Bowl looks great! A tasty and nutritious dish. :-)

Zest :-)

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest

Aw thanks Zest, it would be good with goats cheese as well, like you have sometimes. I only wanted something light as well. 😊

Very healthy salad!

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Praveen55

Hey thanks Praveen 😊

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Wow, Jerry! This looks really fantastic and I can't wait to try it hopefully very soon. :-) Thank you for posting this for everyone. :-)

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Activity2004

Aw thanks Leah, interestingly the cucumber made it very refreshing, 😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

That’s fantastic to know! Will see if I can get one soon.πŸ˜€πŸ‘

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