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My Breakfast today

Had a good low carb breakfast today

To last till 4pm. Planned to skip lunch and have some walnuts for lunch

Had 3 soft boiled eggs, 2 avocado, mushrooms and spring onions with ginger, turmeric powder all sauteed in butter, 1 cucumber, some fenugreek sprouts.

Also what's not appearing is a lemon juice unsweetened before this bf and a bullet proof after this bf ...

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Hi Shashikantiyengar,

Thanks for sharing that photo of your breakfast. I love to see what other people are eating, and it looks really tasty. I like the sound of your spices - I love the taste of ginger in food, in particular.

What does 'bf' stand for in your last sentence? I wasn't sure what you were saying in the last sentence, where you said "Also what's not appearing is a lemon juice unsweetened before this bf and a bullet proof after this bf..." - what do you mean?


Zest :-)


BF is short for breakfast

Also I took lemon juice and bullet proof coffee which is not in the photo


Oh I see! Thank you so much for explaining. :-)


Why confused..?

Had all these for breakfast

I have mentioned that I will sustain till 4 pm.. No lunch. Had only some walnuts.

No mention of dinner

Will have dinner at 9 pm today


Really great breakfast, Shashikantiyengar. It's a great idea! I love avocado on lots of things, so this will help.

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That looks a great BF to me. I haven't tried fenugreek sprouts yet only lentil sprouts. Do they have less bitterness than non-sprout fenugeek?

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Slightly bitter.. yes

But as a diabetic I have made friendship with bitterness


Most of the bitters are good for our liver

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I normally don't mind bitter taste like bitter melon, radicchio or dandelion but I am not used to fenugreek. However, I will try to sprout them. Thanks.

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Never got used to bitter gourd but I like the milder bitter flavours in things like radicchio.

I love this post, "What I had for breakfast today"!

Im still on morning coffee, about four until Im awake.......but breakfast will be as it is every morning:

Four heaped tablespoons of full fat yoghurt

Two flat tablespoons of raw rolled oats

Tablespoon of blue berries

Tablespoon of black berries

Teaspoon of honey

Works like a charm, keeps me happy until lunch time which is usually just a snack like a boiled egg or some humous on a small piece of rye.

I love Shashi's breakfast its packed with veg unfortunately I just can't get excited about veg in the morning. I love curry for breakfast but only if its made for me, so something I eat quite a lot of in Hotels in the East.

I basically eat the same thing everyday for breakfast sometimes adding some grated apple instead of one of the berries. Its not particularly low carb, just normal carbs but it is restricted in choice and amount which I find is fine. Seems my body likes the regularity and consistency in my diet as reflected in my stool (;

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