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My first Sunday

Im off out for long walk with my dog as its not raining here - hooray!! Then I shall have brunch a poached egg with smoked salmon with a smothering of lemon juice and black pepper I then bought nectarines blackberries cherries and blueberries so will make a big fresh fruit salad with a splodge of low fat icecream on top If I get hungry I nibble on rice cakes I drink several cups of black coffee and buttermint tea Im feeling positive Have a good day all

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Hi Milliemay1,

Glad you're feeling positive, and that you've got an enjoyable day planned out. I love the sound of your lunch - yum! :-)

Hope you enjoy your day.

Zest :-)

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I had change of plan My daughter came and we had brunch out I had a poached egg with mushrooms on wholemeal toast with a black Americano coffee so I don't think I wandered off diet too far I shall have my smoked salmon tomorrow and it was lovely seeing my daughter just back from her holiday in Crete looking so brown I warned her she could turn rusty in this wet weather !!

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That's great - lovely that you had some quality time with your daughter, and your lunch sounded delicious. I am envious of her tan. 8-)

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