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My first meal of today

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I really like start my day with this type of foods including avocado, labneh, boiled eggs, mixed raw veggies (celery, zucchini, garlic and mixed sprouts - lentils and fenugreek) with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice seasoning with salt and black pepper. I do rotate the green & raw veggies from whatever available in my fridge. Have a great weekend :)

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Gorgeous breakfast! I usually one boiled egg with a glass of filtered water no fluoride obviously and some iodine drops soon to 226µg only at this point… With 2 to 3 Brazil nuts depending on the size. I live in Texas and avocados are cheap here most of the year $.50 for a small one I am very poor. However at the moment they are doubled in price if not even more so so having to hold off on the daily avocado intake :( More like once a week now, at most.

Anyway I have my greens at lunch healthy foods are expensive unfortunately love your dish! Thought I'd comment sorry for the rambling brain fog from severe hypothyroidism 🦋

Hi Jill; your breakfast is very light. I do eat raw nuts like almond, walnut and Brazil nuts as snack. I don't eat breakfast and this was my first meal at midday. Avocado is not cheap in my place either but try to eat them more when they are in season.

Hope you'll feel better soon!

Yes, they are so yummy! Thank you friend :) when they are in season and I about five times a week. A favorite food for sure.

I hope you feel better too. Do you have diabetes? I glanced at your profile and saw some sort of homemade yogurt looking thing. Next month I will start making my own homemade Kefir ;)

I am feeling great, thanks perhaps from the beautiful weather we have today. The picture you mentioned was labneh which is one of my favorite dairy made from organic full cream milk. I usually add lot of extra virgin olive oil and eat with any raw veggies. That's so creamy and yumm.

I never try to make kefir yet as I am happy eating the labneh :)

Cool- sounds interesting and yummy... I should look it up. Sometimes I buy organic Bulgarian style yogurt from Austin (I'm inTexas). It is full of probiotics and has a tangy somewhat sour taste that I love! Expensive though.

I haven't tried Bulgarian style yogurt but I do like Bulgarian fetta cheese.

I didn't spend much time for this meal because my homemade labneh is already available in the fridge. Just boil the eggs and put the rest together.

I don't and never count calories in my meal. For the carbs, perhaps there is some in the labneh (3 tablespoons) and very few in veggies. I think this would be a diabetic friendly meal, don't you think?

Your meal looks lovely - hope you have a great weekend.

Zest :-)

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You're too thanks.

I'm not sure where you live. It seems quite a Mediterranean affair. And lovely. Here in the UK many of us are very boring eg I have cereal and milk a lot or toast for breakfast, it's cheap. Not so healthy.

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Thanks for your comments. I am from Australia but I love eating Lebanese foods. Labneh is my favorite dairy.

Great food choices

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Thanks :)

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