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Oatmeal Nutrition Facts

What are the real oatmeal nutrition facts? Let’s take a look at what really makes oatmeal so nutritious.

One cup of whole grain oats contains 607 calories, including 91 from protein, 90 from fat, and 425 from carbohydrates. In total, oats contain 10.8g of fat and 173mg of omega-3 fatty acids; 26.4g of protein; and 16.5g of fiber. A cup of oats also contains 1.2mg of vitamin B1, 0.2mg of vitamin B2, 1.5mg of vitamin B3, 0.2mg of vitamin B6, 87.4mcg of folate, 2.1mg of vitamin B5, 84.3mg of calcium, 7.4mg of iron, 276mg of magnesium, 669mg of potassium, 6.2mg of zinc, 1mg of copper, and 7.7mg of manganese.

Now you can see that oatmeal is easily a good carb source. With that said, there are other good sources of carbs beside a grain like oats.

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