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Eat4Cheap: Toad in the hole

Eat4Cheap: Toad in the hole

Happy St. George's Day! For today's Eat4Cheap recipe, Frugal Queen has gone traditionally English: pork sausages, cooked in a thick batter with onion gravy, commonly known as Toad in the Hole.

You will need:

Oven heated to searingly hot.

1 pack of sausages, cooked in a shallow dish.

1 mug of plain flour,

1 egg,

1 mug of milk

Beat the egg, flour and milk together to form a batter.

For cooking instructions, go to:

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Preservative-free sausages are almost non-existent if not expensive. I would substitute mince and seasoning to make my own, and that's still not inexpensive.


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