I just moved to Vegas the 1st of September and already, I am feeling empty and sad and hurt and angry and UNSAFE. These tragedies happen wherever you go and it makes me feel like I’m not coping at all. I would accept any advice. Mostly been trying to stay distracted.

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  • My thoughts are with the people of Las Vegas ~ keep safe 🌷

  • Em_phoenix wow I'm so sorry what happened where you live. Yes it's true it has hAppened in many places . Watching DVDs or videotapes, writing in a journal, going to therapy, going to vigils, volunteering, spending time with people, going on hikes or walks with others, calling someone you haven't talked to in awhile. Meditating or praying. A lot of things you can do. Take care.

  • I went to donate for blood and I also journaled. Thank you!

  • That's wonderful Em_phoenix you are very welcome.

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