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does anyone relate? (trigger warning)

when i think of the abuse i have been through, i feel it was actual sadistic torture and inhumane-the severe isolation, the loss of adult rights. can anyone relate to this?

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Yes. My whole life l have been abused. My therapist is surprised by my ability to continue working. Sometimes I feel like Job in the bible. But then I discount what I went through. I try to look forward to what is to come. But I cant forget where I have been. It has made me stronger. I am thankful for living through my abuse. I try to think about helping others with my experience and understanding. I also remember I am still healing and cant help others while I'm still struggling. Its hard!

Dont give up!

You are worth it!


thankyou, i hope this year a real change can be made. honestly i feel like it was worse than death--that i would have prefered to die rather than go through that. i don't know if i will ever be happy that i survived


Your welcome. How long ago was your abuse? It takes a while to see the blessing of survival. It has been 13 years since my last abusive encounter. Someone once told me i survived because my childhood taught me how to cope with abuse. It sucks but I learned from it. Enjoy life! It can be fun again. Just take it one day at a time.

Stay safe!


I know what you mean. Sometimes I can't get past the whole "Why me? Why did this happen? How could they do that to me?" taking it personal hating people etc etc. I'm finally starting to believe I'm healing and becoming a better person from it, but before I couldn't stop ruminating. It's really unfair the things that happen to good people. I believe the people that go through the worst things survive for a reason, usually so they can be of help to others. I hope you can heal from your past afflictions, there are amazing people and things out there


its too hard to move forward--i do things that help and then i do too much and feel bad, my limits are so hard to percieve


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