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How many of you are in some form of psychotherapy?

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I would like to know if many or few of you are in psychotherapy for PTSD. How long have you been going, does it help? Or are alternative therapies like NLP better?

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I'm not having any treatment.

Just started EMDR with a psychotherapist and have had two sessions and not into the intense bit yet. So not sure how valuable it is in the long run- I'll let you know! But I do know that after my first session I went away feeling clearer and more comforted, and like my brain had a bath. I think it's important to find a good professional therapist, cos they are handling your heart and your emotions, just like you would want the best heart surgeon or the best dentist. Because you really do put your life in their hands as you go through your treatment. If they are kind and empathic that is half the battle.

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I've had years of therapy primarily using CBT but also have used EMDR quite a bit. EMDR cured my insomnia and non-stop, torturous nightmares as well as many other more acute symptoms of PTSD. I also did "brain spotting" with my back-up therapist years ago when my T was having her babies.

I always kept a once a month spot with my therapist b/c I'll lose it forever if I stop altogether. I always had to go in the evening after work and she stopped doing evenings many years ago but she kept 1 day a month for me (back then I really still needed therapy) and a couple others. It never hurts to have someone you really trust to talk things through.

I've read about NLP and I think it sounds very promising and think it could be extremely effective but I've never had the pleasure of doing it with another trained professional.

I was also interested in hypnotherapy but my T doesn't do it and I just can't bring myself to start over with someone else.

Does CBT help? My psychologist uses CBT but I will most likely only have one year left with him. I might start exposure sessions soon.

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GeminiDancerMajor Contributor in reply to purebliss

It does help but seems to take longer than other more modern modalities. I think there is a place for both/multiple modalities where each serve different but still vital purposes.

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I tried therapy a few times over my life and it helped a little with the immediate problem in my life.

About 3 years ago at one of my lowest points, I tried again. This therapist got to the root of my issues and diagnosed me with CPTSD. I see her almost every week and so thankful to have a smart caring person to guide me through this.

Finding the right therapist is challenging but it can be life changing.

Unfortunately, changing brain patterns is a very slow process and it takes a long time. But it is great to now to finally be having more good days than bad on a regular basis. :)

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Totally agree Equis-Canine! I was really lucky to find a fantastic therapist and that truly makes all the difference.

Even so, like you said, it is a very slow process that does take a long time. After almost 20 years of learned behavior and patterns from an entire childhood of abuse that we tend to continue into our adult years, it requires years of undoing it as well.

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I'm having EMDR. It is helping when I look back I can see that.

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I have somatic experiencing therapy. It's not a traditional talk therapy, it's a bit of body, mind, feeling etc, working on different levels. It is still difficult (after the therapy).

She does also hypnotherapy and we agreed we will try but so far I am a bit afraid so I wait when I'm ready.

I have been having psychotherapy for the last few months. I have found a really good, caring man (never thought I'd pick a man as I've got so many issues with them). I'm very thankful but as others said it is a long process. I usually feel so much better after a session with him but the next day or two I kind of feel back into my usual way of thinking and i have lots of stress at the moment. He says it will take time to process my feelings. He also does EMDR but he says I'm not stable enough (can't self-regulate) to do that yet. I'm impatient as I just want to get better but I have to trust his judgement.

I hope it helps when I do it as I'm pinning all my hopes on it.

I've done CBT with a woman in the past to help social anxiety and it really helped while going to her. I only did 7 sessions but she was brilliant. I stopped going as I had to travel a few hours and she was expensive. She tends to do only about 8-10 sessions with people anyway. I do think CBT has a place but with PTSD I think you need more in addition to that.

Also I've been doing TRE as I need some body-therapy. I'm told I'm very ungrounded. And I am considering doing rolfing, it's a deep tissue massage that is supposed to help you get in touch with your body and feelings. Only thing stopping me going for this is the expense.

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Equis-CanineVolunteer in reply to andrea_27

I so understand you being impatient to do the work and be healed. From several years of experience with therapy, I'm slowly learning that pushing forward usually doesn't work. Being gently and kind and easy with yourself get the results. For me pushing forward usually leads to a crash and then the down time afterwards while I regroup. I actually move forward faster by slowly moving forward.

Thanks Equis-Canine for your wise words. I know my impatient results-driven self needed to hear that at this moment and I will definitely keep that advice in mind as I progress. It's so hard to slow down, isn't it? I'm glad you've found a way to be gentle with yourself. Thanks for the warning about the crash, i've had that when pushing myself to be confident and socialise etc and then I find after a whirlwind I tend to isolate completely for a while.

Weekly talk therapy in person with a great therapist for the last 3.5 years plus email, text, and phone support with him whenever I need it (I have FINALLY found a wonderful fit with this LCSW!) It helps tremendously. When I have the opportunity I take advantage of other therapies - at the beginning of this year I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a clinical research trial at Duke Integrative Med that was Using Expressive Writing for Trauma/Grief - this was wonderful - Saturdays for 8 weeks - learned some new ways of thinking, new perspectives using various writing techniques. It helped. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - great. I'm periodically not in great shape, and sometimes I'm much better. I have been much much worse. Historically I have had various forms of therapy with various counselors for 20 years - none with particularly good fit or results - until the last few years. I'm working on it. I'm open to new and additional forms of therapy. ... I have also finally been convinced to apply for SS benefits - and am at the stage of waiting for an ALJ hearing....

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