Advice on here 10/10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Guys you are brilliant I could kiss you all!! Because of the advice I got on here about grounding when you have a flashback I was able to control a really bad one today in the shop! The trigger was a mans aftershave which I smelled in ICU! As soon as I felt the shaking and the dizziness starting I started pinging my elastic band in my wrist! I managed to get to the back shop and have a drink and do some deep breathing it didn't go fully blown because of this! So grateful to you guys! Keep up the good work! Any more tips o grounding would be appreciated 😊🌻🌻🌻🌻x


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5 Replies

  • How wonderful!!!! It is a big step when you are able to shift your attention away from the trigger!

  • Awesome. Take a pat on the back. We can only ever share from our own experience but it was you who picked some of that up and trailed it today.

  • Well done - the advice was here but you are the one who took it and put it into practice. So give yourself credit for that! Grounding yourself by focusing on the body or something external is always helpful. Wonderful you got to experience that x

  • Thanks Mijas07 if I hadn't found this forum I would have been struggling as my sessions are three weeks apart now. The first week after my session I was getting triggers all the time panic attacks and pains in my chest I didn't know how to handle them except by my breathing. When I found this group and read about triggers and grounding and what other people have and are going through I felt a wave of relief going through me . Then I began to understand all about PTSD although my physcoligist had explained it to me, but because your in an arousal state when your there you don't always take in everything. Take care 🌻🌻😊x

  • Thank you for expressing your gratitude! I agree with others that it is your own success, you found a way inside of you and ability to cope. That's big!

    Every time you overcome something, you build muscles, get stronger and learn to how to deal with this.

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