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Possible trigger post. Another Therapist knocking on the door 5 mins before the end of my session. Is this even ethical?

Hi guys sorry I haven't posted for a while as I have been involved in a lot of recovery focused groups, doing a lot of very intense process work and after 9 years I have been able to return to work part-time.

I have been working with a Trauma T since mid 2014 and it has been a long hard slog. Jan and Feb of this year I just didn't want to attend...... I had huge emotional issues around my daughter starting to date and it triggered so much stuff for me. A couple of months ago I took part in a closed group for persons who had been or who were feeling suicidal. This is a closed group and lasts for 6 months, after a couple of weeks I asked my T if we could change the time of our session as I we meet the same day as the group. This was arranged.

But in all the years of theraphy with different groups I was so shocked at what happen that I just got up and left. I arrived at 11am for my app, which has alway been (2 years) 60 mins at 5 mins to go I heard a noise and I thought it was someone bumbing a chair off a wall in another room, and I ignored it but then suddenly my T is saying that's the 5 o'clock. And I'm shocked I didn't think we were gone over because we have checked that a couple of mins earlier.

Suddenly I found myself in the car.

What I want to ask is how is this allowed to happen. I did complain about it and the other T was saying that we only have the room for 50 mins. I sense I'm caught in a pissing competition between two T's.

However my question; is what this T did by knocking on the door as I'm finishing as session ethical and how should I complain. Because my hour is neither sacred or safe. For the past two weeks I am for the sake of a better word unsettled at the end of the session. I did nothing wrong yet I am the one paying the price. This T behaved in an very inappropriate manner and she was rewarded. In contrast I suffer. Why.

I do intent to take it further as my last two session this issue has sat on my back.

Thanks for reading.

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That's just plain weird - it's like a priest knocking on the door of a confessional. What a violation! I can understand why you would not feel safe, or like the session is a sacred space.

It does sound like you're suffering for the competition between the two therapists. If your therapist doesn't fight for you with respect to this issue - for me, that's a big clue that she's not really there for you. If she doesn't see the issue - that's a real red flag.

If it were me, I would have to say something about that huge boundary violation. If it was treated like nothing - I'd have to think about leaving.


That is so unacceptable. Common courtesy is wait until the door is opened. I don't like the way this was handled. I want to encourage you to tell your therapist how you feel about what happened. You are her employer. If you don't like her response or even if you have already decided this is a flag that you don't want to continue with her find someone else to go to. Your mind, your emotional well being is the most important thing. You are an important person, you need someone you feel safe with, can trust, has your best interest in mind, for your own emotional well being choose what is best for you. She is suppose to create a safe situation not give you drama in your life. Take care.


Thanks for the response. I have sorted it out and my T was very annoyed. But I'm left with some sort of hangover from it were the last 10 mins of the session I'm just seeing it out. I do plan to write to the other person and demand an explanation


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