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Is there more to look forward to

Hello. I am still coming out of a trigger that hit last week. I have made progress with therapist and emdr that some of my choices of feelings have changed. I find myself often thinking about what is after all this?  We hurt,stress,panic, freeze from it all and now I wonder why all this pain?  What positive is to be seen?  What happens after all pain and learning to heal?  I have found myself confused about my faith and beliefs. Are there others that feel similar?  Others with advice to improve this thought process?

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Yes same questions here...

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I'm in the same boat.....just what's the point?  I live in Alaska - there is NO help here. Everything is such a struggle, I'm really starting to feel like why even try...I've never been like that - AlwayS trying to get back on my feet.  I don't take the meds they want to hand out like candy - side effects are worse than the issues and I'm not into the chemicals.  I'm trying to move farther north where I can have some access to EMDR....moving is beyond excruciating for my brain.  Does it ever end?  It sure doesn't feel like it.  I'm becoming so anti-social, it doesn't feel like there's a way out.  I'm so tired of feeling like negative nancy


I struggle with some of the same questions... what does it look like to live without the constant PTSD symptoms? Who will I be? Who am I separate from my trauma?..... I have discussed it a bit with my therapist. She is very encouraging in that she tells me these are common questions for PTSD survivors, especially childhood PTSD because we often don't have a before thst we remember. She reminds me that I don't like my life now, that I am tired of the constant symptoms and the isolation. She encourages me to continue with the EMDR and asks me to trust her and to be honest when I'm feeling that way. I try to write down when I have the 'breakthrough' moments in therapy, EMDR or otherwise, so that I can use that to remind myself that I am making progress and that good is coming from what I'm doing. It has been helpful, especially when I feel like quitting.  


Chill out and get excited about life and living. It's natural to ask questions as you come out of the fog. 


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