Heal My PTSD

There is hope!

There is hope!

I received this from a client who is also a colleague - "I felt great after Saturday’s TRE session! My body seems to love this work. The session left me feeling relaxed and calm, and more grounded. More IN my body, if that makes sense. There was a bit of an energetic hum, but it didn’t keep me from falling asleep although I got woken up shortly after falling asleep for a fire call.

I went on a call yesterday afternoon (motor vehicle accident ) and I did notice a bit of a tremble while I was on scene: not enough for anyone else to see or enough to affect my performance, but I felt it, and instead of beating myself up about it, I was happy! My body is learning how to respond in a healthy way to stress. I can’t thank you two enough for that."

This is what we do for people, and what I want you to see is that there is hope for healing from stress, trauma, and PTSD. I can attest to my own healing from PTSD, some of that from my life traumas, and some from the trauma I get invited to as a volunteer firefighter/EMT.

Your physiology was shaped to provide for release from stress. Otherwise as a species, we would have been extinct a long time ago.

The admins are here to help, as am I, and I'm sure others have their success stories. There is a way out of the darkness, a way to re-engage in and with the light.

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TRE is phenomenal - it's one of the most productive of the healing tools I use. Shaking to release fear especially, has been hugely helpful. Here's an interview that Michele did with Dr. David Berceli, who formalized the process:


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I'm so proud of you, I hope and pray one day I can get myself to that point .I'm not giving up and I'm thankful to read about your own experience. If you can do it eventually with all your help I can do it too.

all my hope is to manage it and just live little bit normal lifestyle where I can enjoy it

Thanks Christy! You can do it, too.

After Christmas 2011, my life went to hell in a handbasket. Partly my own doing? Yes. A divorce was coming so separating was necessary and I resolved not to lower the income for the rest of the house so I ended up in a tent. I had been laid off in Oct. of 2011 and two rents was out of the question on unemployment. Then I discovered a cancerous mole that took two surgeries to eliminate. Nothing huge, but on the Holmes & Rahe scale, I was doomed. My ACE test was medium as well. This was stuff I was discovering while learning how to deal with my own stuff. Oof. One thing I greatly appreciated was learning how much of my stress and trauma experience could be resolved somatically. It's still a marathon instead of a sprint, but man is it working. I'm fairly certain a lot of that is discussed here, so ask around. It's good to have a full tool box!

Let me repeat: You can do this. When I learned reflexology (I think I was a kid then...), the text I was reading stated that the first step to healing is relaxation. Even as an EMT I see how critical that is. There are several tools for that, and again, ask those here what they do to relax. TRE is one I use, and a progressive type of relaxation where I just start to check in with my entire body, head to toe, organs and all. Yoga helps me. Meditation helps me, and maybe you already do all these. My point is that there are people that believe in you, that want to see you flourish, and know that you can achieve what you want.

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Thanks, Inc have been through therapist and when I'm asked to try to relax I'm like how do I relax lol my brain and body is oover like on fire ? I wish I can relax if I knew how to do it .honestly my brain is over worried about new life and it's making me over time stressed out and my post traumatic is severe but . I have no choice besides try very hard get my foot back and be there for my 2 children and I have to fight everything comes in my way and hope full one day Justice will be served

You'll learn. Might I suggest baby steps? When I learned to meditate, I was asked if I could focus on just one complete breath without thinking. (You can't focus on an autonomic function like breathing and cogitate). Well, it wasn't easy. It took a while to get to ten breathes without thinking. So my goal was to do one, day after day after day. Then I tried three, because I'm impatient. Damn. Dropped back to two. Over time, I got to 10.

The baby steps are like starting a big ball down a hillside. It takes a lot of exertion to get it going. Eventually, you'll be chasing it down the hill. So what relaxes you? Do it for one minute every hour, see what happens.

Thank you for all your help .I like the way you put it baby steps honestly I could even think about baby 1 breath I guess I push myself to higher and I end up not even finish low step in end I get frustrated and it feels like your letting yourself down over again and it hurts. All I wish is to be normally me than living with up and down I know life is like that but all I'm asking myself is why why .I have been trapped inside my own thoughts and trauma is every day stressful life of pasf.

Once again thank you I will work hard to get my life back

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