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False Light

Some of us suffer from sleep deprivation due to not only nutritional deficiencies, but hormonal imbalances.

Did you know that many electronic devices have screens with resolutions so bright they mimic actual sunlight?

& When our eyes perceive this, our brains will produce less of the hormone known as melatonin, a direct influencer of sleep?

We are constantly polluted by this 'false light' , thus leading in our inability to rest.

What is the answer ?

Reduced exposure before bedtime.

Eliminate or cover all light emitting devices.

Wear an eye mask .

& some would even advocate taking melatonin.

If one or all of the methods produce a noticeable change,

keep at it, until you get the results you're looking for .

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Excellent reminder! Sleep is SO IMPORTANT! I use "f.lux" on my computer and "twilight" on my phone--both control screen brightness. the magnesium has also helped a ton.


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