Heal My PTSD

It's a dark world - You must be the light

This a Christmas card that I love the message -

Love is God

Shining through you

Love is giving

What you'd like to receive

Love is taking the time,

Even when you don't have the time...

Love is listening

With your heart

Love is remembering.

Love is being there.

Love is believing

In the good, the true,

And the beautiful.

Love is the light of the world.

The only thing that counts

Is faith expressing itself through love.

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2 Corinthians 3:18

We need to reflect this "light" ... it's something that shines in this dark world... I think we here have seen just how dark it really can be! Can we do something for someone who needs help? I am reminded of someone who had some kind words, and actually did something to help me when I needed it! Not just words! Actions shine!

The small things we do for others sometimes reflect a lot of light into a dark corner of the world!

This is very much different than the selfish me, me, me, attitude portrayed on tv and at work, by most of the human race... That same selfish attitude allowed others to abuse us and kept us in a dark corner, unable to convince others that we deserve better...

So shine that reflected light into the dark corners! Perhaps we will keep someone from falling into the same trap that gave us our PTSD plague!

Do to others as we would like others to do to us.


God bless you

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Thank you, you words express my thoughts and I am happy to know that others see things as I do in respect to spreading light in a dark world and doing to others as we would like others to do to us.


Without faith you can do anything because fair will attempt you.

Thank you for sharing and encourage others and be supportive. God loves you and Me as in Bible

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Oh I love this!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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I'm glad you all enjoyed it - received the card a few years back & pull it out each year this time - it was nice to be able to share with you all - I'm already enjoying these added topics. Palemino - glad you thought of this added enjoyment post. Thanks.

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A beautiful Christmas card that holds the true meaning of life and love! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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KIndness does matter - our results of small kindnesses we may never know I was privileged to be made aware of what a small kindness brought about -

my friend & I we're enjoying time together & she had said her sisters' "B"day was the next day - I was taking a cake decorating class & my family was like NO MORE CAKES!! Each week you would make one or two and decorate them - so I asked my friend how would you like me to decorate a cake for your sisters special day. Great - so I did & I delivered it to her the next day.

Her parents ( sister high school age - still @ home ). my friend told me how pleased she was - my mother probably isn't aware it's her daughters "B"day. She's one of those moms. My friend said.

My friend was told years later that her sister - had planned to commit suicide that night - had planned exactly how & when - then she saw the cake & thought how can a complete stranger care enough to make me a "B"day cake - someone cares & she decided because a complete stranger could care about her - she'd stick around & I know that she is married has children & a good job & IS HAPPY with her life. So kindness does matter - so continue to be a light in this sometimes dark world. It so matters!

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