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As our doors are locked to the world outside

We are forced to live in a black cave inside.

The pain of the past is torturous and rough,

Voices haunt us, "You're not good enough!"

As we explore and control our space,

New Voices support and make us feel safe.

"That must have hurt," makes our abuse real,

We vent our secrets; we feel and reveal.

Shamed into silence, we took on responsibility,

Afraid to express freely, we had not dignity.

The Inner Child survived, now a rainbow in sight,

We're encouraged, take its hand: reclaim life in the Light.

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Wonderful poem, ubsparkles! :)


Appreciate y'all!


Yes reclaim light.... and speak the truth.


Capejoy, Amen.

We're gems sparkling off one-another...

Your wisdom is what our human spirit needs in remembrance of our Source.

Appreciate your connecting...great profile of walking the lighted Path.



Wow... I would love to see that rainbow! Beautifully written!!


Great you could relate!

Your comment touched my heart with warm fuzzies.

How can I continue to support you.

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Not sure yet ubsparkles. I appreciate the offer.



cherin8joy...Guess what-I wrote the poem during my early healing. Any kind of writing or drawings make helplessness & hopeless clearer...

I don't need your history...but if you're getting some therapy that's excellent-

I didn't know my adult emptiness had to do with my childhood,

the abuse & unexpressed feelings I buries.

Conversations with your actual little child was my main tool...

It's important to know how your child felt, your adult feels the same... there's much more but the idea is a good start...

how's that for support?! Blessings...

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Thank you. I have comforted her before but I will give talking to her about her feelings a go.

Do we need to lock our replies? I need to read those instructions.


Hi cherin8joy, sorry I'm not good at tech stuff- but believe you have a while to read it... we may ask Michelle.

Meanwhile, it's good to know you comforted your little girl...

The way I was told to do was: whatever was unfair to her, I the adult would take the role that would have treated her differently and value and honor her...and that I'd be there to take care of her now. She has no reason to fear anymore, be angry, or sad... YOU will be there to give her what she needs...

She'll turn her negative feelings around and tell you that she feels better and is glad you have re-connected. Take care...


Thanks that is helpful. I forget to do that. My little child can be a handful from time to time. I do need to remember to let her know I'm there for her. I'm certainly capable of it. However, I can go into agreement with her at times. Then it's OMGoodness!!!! Does that make sense? Since I just was in that space yesterday I'll be content not to go there for awhile. I'll be discussing this with my Therapist this week and hear her tips as well.


You take care too and thank you for your caring comments upsparkes.

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just remember as long as your IC as I call it is unhappy, you're blocked from true Love. Yes, I care very much.

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I think so. If I feel uncomfortable I'll let you know. Fair enough?

I have more work to do that is for sure. Now it's time to get on with healing because there are no distractions for the time being.

When you say blocked from true love do you mean self or other love?


OK...let me know when you need some specific tools, like affirmations.

My belief is our Higher Source/God and we are One in Spirit.

Healing blockages (core issues) with our Inner Child is also nurturing that One and Only True Love Relationship, and improves self love, & love for others... it's our life's purpose-

Trusting you're OK with spiritual tools...

So long...


Thanks ubsparkles. I'm a bit overwhelmed and need to slow down. Take care.


Thank you for sharing your poem ubsparkles. I totally related. You nailed it! 🌈😊


Hi cherin8joy

Thanks for sharing your joy. Stay in touch!

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