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Scared of Gloomy Sunday song

Hey everyone , I've been scared of "Gloomy Sunday" song for a month . I'm scared that I will die as many people in the past and I don't know how to get rid of it . But I saw many people covered and sang these in English and Hungarian on the stages but I don't know why I still scared . Has anyone ever listened to this song and read the lyrics ??? Does it make me die ???

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I've never heard of the song, but if it's invoking such a fear in you, I'd say stop listening to it!

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I once listened to it but I have been scared since that time .


I agree wholly with LindyLoo.

Someone once told me about the power of melodies to provoke different emotional responses; and as a pianist, it is true; there are songs with flats, sharp keys and harmonies that can evoke such discord in your inner being.

Think of all the modern classical avant garde music for instance!!!

From another friend, who only listens to Christian music that is both chart music, modern or it can include older choral. I totally took on the idea that Christian [or any religious music] is song in the highest ideal for the human soul and its wellbeing.

Personally, to help me get through this illness, I tune in to a classical music radio station and only listen to good, therapeutic music.

Life is too short frankly. And any more suffering than what is needed, is frankly unnecessary.

So, I agree with LindyLoo too; enjoy music that will lift and raise your soul.

All those songs that are sung about depressing things, or that were written when the musician was in a deep dark place, then avoid mostly. They can be like triggers otherwise, that not only affect one's mind and emotions, but also serve to question us when we are not strong enough to answer clearly.

I used to listen to some tunes and question the wording and make comparisons to my life. Was that 'me' they were talking about. Well don't do it!!!

I recommend a liberal dosage of healthy, harmonious music full of the joys of life that will enable you to breathe easily.... :o)

Blessings x


Thank so much for ur cmt .

Maybe I'm scared of dying too much .

I try to concentrate the positive aspects but later the negative come back again and again .

Last week , I saw someone's cmt and said that "we'll die after we read the lyrics of this song" . At that time I was very scared and my heart beating so fast and I couldn't sleep anymore.

Another thing , I'm afraid that it will ruin my life . I don't know how to get rid of it and I also wish I shouldn't have known it .

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Reading the lyrics of a song will not make anyone die. It does not have the power to ruin your life. It is only a song. A bad one but only a song. Try to think of a happy song or catchy jingle. A silly or funny song is best. I keep a couple in my head & when I need a lift, I sing them to myself. Every time you think of the bad song replace it by thinking of the happy one. Eventually the happy one will replace the bad one. You might have to do it many times but it will work.


I also thought about this point but I can't stop myself from this scary thing .

I can't forgive myself for read its lyric . If I don't read it , I won't be like this anymore .


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