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Worst Night Terror Ever

My ptsd came from long term physical abuse from older boys. Yesterday I had a flashback. I remember quite well most of the details of the assault when I got a concussion and broken ear drum my senior year. I didn't remember exactly how the concussion came. Yesterday it came back to me.

Last night I was dreaming of being physically assaulted from behind (like most of the attacks. I heard a jingle as the attacker came out of the closet (dream). I swung my elbow hard to fend off the attack. I jumped up twisted in blankets and turned. I had just elbowed my wife who was jumping up to get to a phone in another room (have a family member with medical issues). Thankfully the blow was somewhat deflected by the angle, but I swung hard and i'm in pretty good shape.

Today I feel just awful. I don't want to hurt anyone, especially my wife.

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I feel for you! I know what these vivid terrifying dreams feel like!

The good part is you can use it as a spring board to further healing! And wth the witness and support of your wife it's more wholesome!

Good luck!


I get terrible flshbacks in my sleep too.  I lash out at my abusers and end up knocking things off my bedside table and covered in bruises in the morning.  I only sleep with my dogs and they try to wake and comfort me by licking me out of it but I am afraid that I will hurt them one night as they are only small and I do really lash out.


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