I share this photo here with you as my community of support that is helping me in my recovery from PTSD. It is the first photo I have ever seen of my birth-mother, Lily Ada Stroud who later changed her name to Anne Ford I am told after my birth.

I was put up for adoption when I was 13 days and have never known my birth-parents/birth-siblings. It has always been my primary loss which has taken years to grieve/mourn. It was a group on Facebook called SEARCH SQUAD that helped me locate my half-brothers in England on Dec. 22, 2015 making that Christmas my most radiant. I starting communicating then with my half-brother, John and his wife, Rose. I have a niece over there by the name of Katie whose first note to me read: "You are most definitely my Auntie because you are the spitting image of your Mom, my Grandmother!!" Christmas 2015 was my most radiant Christmas ever! The New Year 2016 brought the first email from my brother, Michael, on January 3rd, 2016!

I have another photo for another post. In the midst of the hard work yet to be done in coming to terms with the symptoms of PTSD, this is a bright spot in my recovery path.

This photo was my niece's favorite photo of her Grandmother (my birth-Mom) in the 40's when she was very chic!!

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  • I am so glad you found your birth family. I like how you describe it being a radiant point in your journey.

    That's very needed in ptsd recovery.

    Your mom looks beautiful...

  • Thank you Natalie. It is important for me to recognize that my recovery has its radiant moments so I don't drown in the quicksand of symptoms and unexpressed feelings. I wasn't allowed to cry in the home in which I was raised, always sent to my room if I did but I can tell you that the tears that splash down my cheeks these days are tears of joy!

  • She is stunning. If you're anything resembling, you're a lucky woman there. I'm happy for you.

    Hope all goes well. 💗


  • I got tearful with your response because I've never thought of myself as stunning, in fact I grew up thinking I was quite ugly - it would seem this new-found information requires I exchange old beliefs for new ones. Thanks for your response. I am taking things one day at a time.

  • Most people lack confidence. I grew up and still think the same.

    I'm female, straight, was an artist, never lie to the point of stupidity. So you can take my words as reliable. You should have your pic professionally taken, where they make you up, and see people responce to it. It will be an eye opener. 💗

  • I bet this is an amazing experience to take in, PNIAuthor60. Congratulations, and savor the moment! :)

  • Thanks Dan!

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