Heal My PTSD

I wrote a

very long last post. Sorry. Dissociated some. Breaking up into manageable pieces.

Other issue is sad regarding father getting older and him being so emotionally messed up, he had to harm those who were around him who he loves, me a lot.

And right at the moment, too ill to visit, but so glad I have made the effort to talk through email and cards and told him so many times I love him, he knows. Want to visit, too ill at moment and last time, I mentioned before, ended up in hospital.

All of what I have to deal with seems so much. But I know one thing at a time. Reach out. Support.

Trying to live my life best I can. Each day.

I know one day at a time. So many little things can trigger my PTSD.

Going to nurture myself now, rest.


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