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The things I can't do

I'm so used to being able to do for myself. I can't stand dirty, anything dirty freaks me out. i have my left leg and arm In plaster cast because of the breaks from my fall. I'm so unused to being unable to wash my body. Well tonight I put water in the bath, then with a plastic cup and with one leg without plaster cast inthebath i set about giving myself a sort of hand shower with soap then I got the cup and poured water over myself. I am so proud as there's not much I can do right no. I'm having to put up with floors that are not vacuumed and dirty dishes left in the sink until someone who can wash them comes. I'm having to get into an unmade bed...I could go on and on. Instead I have decided to chill out and try to turn a blind eye to the things left undone.

I'm in a great deal of physical pain.

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Not easy to have physical limitations that change the way you do things. It's an opportunity I suppose for you to learn to chill as we all could use a little chill time. Good for you for recognizing that you can in fact turn a blind eye. Roll with the punches and soon yiu will be good as new with new choices to make based on your new skills and ways of thinking . I say although inconvenient there is something you'll learn about yourself . Sad to hear you are in pain though and I certainly can understand that . Thinking of you while you heal


When I was in a similar situation, I told myself it's temporary and the more I was fighting mentally the worse it became. So I eventually stopped fighting, decided what I can still do and for the rest - ask for help and rely on others...and remember it's temporary

P.S. I heard it somewhere to focus on the things we still can instead of those we can't..

Another thing is to look forward to the moment when you will be up and without the cast again. That's when we really appreciate small things in life....


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