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Bad luck

On Tuesday I had an appt with my psychiatrist. He went out to photocopy my discharge notes from my recent admission for fibromyalgia. While he was doing that and because my foot had gone to sleep i stood to try to get it working again. When I went to put that foot to the floor it buckled under me and I feel down. I told him had fallen when he came back into the room and that my hand was sore. He tried to fluff around me saying he would get a crepe bandage and bandage it for me. I'm never good when the focus is on me and I said I was fine and it would come right and as soon as I left I limped back to the car. My foot was sore too. I drove one handed some twenty minutes using my sore right foot in my automatic car. On the way home my hand ballooned up so I thought I better get it checked out. On reflection both my hand and foot were sore but I have always dissociated from bone pain as I had a lot if broken bones as a child that were inflicted on me.

At the hospital they xrayed my arm and foot and sent me to the main hospital as I have three broken bones in my aporia the and a broken bone in my foot. They are going to do testing for amongst other things for osteoporosis as the fall I had should not have resulted in so many injuries,

So tomorrow is Christmas Day here, it's almost nine o'clock on Christmas Eve and in so happy we decided to go out for Christmas lunch tomorrow.

I am now I'm plastered up and I'm less dissociated in a great deal of pain but tomorrow I will put my happy face on for the family. One of my daughters is coming to dress me as its my dominant hand that's broken up. Another daughter came today to help me wash my body , I suppose it's time I let them take care of me! I joked and said this is a hell of a way to get flowers.

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I'm so sorry, Lindyloo! This must be painful. And shortly after your hospital discharge...

It sucks big time but at least I'm glad you are letting your family take care of you now. I know you are very independent but sometimes it's okay and needed to receive help. Accidents happen.

I hope you enjoy Christmas even a bit, take all the good you can out of it....

It's after 14:00 here so it's late evening in your place.

Have a good evening and rest a lot as it helps to recover I believe....

Best warm holiday wishes to you my friend...

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