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Heal My PTSD
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Sleeping in the afternoons

This is so weird im in a pattern at the moment where i am able to function during the day when i see people and have things i need to do and as soon as it gets to mid afternoon around one i feel i have run out of steam and all i want to do is sleep i dont feel great when i wake up either its more of a clock out thing then a i need sleep thing i wish i could stop it from happening

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I've been there.


I'm in pretty much the same pattern now, have been for quite a while. I think part of it is not sleeping at night, and so first about 10 a.m. I need a nap, and then again about 2. I didn't get my 2:00 nap today, so by 5 I was sleeping on the couch. I didn't wake up until 10:30 p.m.!!! But, I'm still exhausted....

We went to town and ran a few errands, and I was fine. Walked quickly, which is rare for me, outgoing and upbeat... but those few hours I spent out of the house exhausted me. I think, maybe, at least for me, the strain of dealing with PTSD during that time out of the house, dealing with the hyper-vigilance etc., adds to the exhaustion I usually feel, even here at home. Just a couple of hours in town wears me down, and I usually have to take a day or two to recover from the emotional and physical exertion.

I remember hearing once that our bodies have their own clocks, and most of us need a nap in the afternoon. Many large companies are providing nap time for their employees - they find it creates more productivity and better attitudes. When you add the natural internal clocks we all have to the stress we live with because of the PTSD, we're bound to wear down!

It takes me time to completely wake up and become productive after the nap, too. My brain is foggy, and my body rebels - NOT going to move! Don't ask me to! lol There are some days, when I've been under extreme stress and anxiety, my body and brain refuse to completely wake up for several days. Sleep is rejuvenating and healing, so I don't fight it. It does limit what I can do, and has started to interfere with plans I've made, but as you say, there's not much we can do about it. Fighting it and refusing to sleep doesn't help. Maybe someday, we'll be able to beat this thing and be "normal". Until then, my daily naps continue. :)

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I am like that every day whatever happens that day, eventually when I stay home!

It is frustrating!

Since my last trauma my asthma got much worse, my husband says he can also hear I have apnea at night: that would make me tired so a nap makes sense.

What doesn't make sense to me is why would we get physically sick and tired after trauma. I hemorraged, and my asthma got much worse: what's the link!?


Our bodies feel the trauma as much as our brains do, I think. When my son was killed, I went into spontaneous menopause, my blood pressure skyrocketed and hasn't come back down without medication, and the nightmares intensified. I think that was probably when the PTSD started rearing it's ugly head, but I wasn't diagnosed until later. I too have apnea and use the CPAP, but it doesn't relieve the exhaustion. I get a little sleep with it every morning - I'm heading in now at almost 3:30 to get a few hours on the machine, but I am still so exhausted just from living life.... it would be nice to actually feel rested for a full 12 hours, wouldn't it? Maybe someday... :)


I'm kind of in the same boat. My sleep pattern is all messed-up, too. I don't mind a nap in the afternoon, though, Especially since I'm having so much trouble sleeping at night. When I was in school, I'd get tired around 1pm, & it was like I'd hit a mental wall, especially if I had Science or Math classes. Right now, if I don't want to sleep in the afternoon, I drink a cup of flavored black tea. Not a fan of black tea, so I tend to put quite a bit of sugar in it. I hope the suggestion helps.


Don't try to stop it or feel bad about it. It is just you taking care of yourself. Give yourself some credit for all you do and love yourself as you are. I have the same issue by the way.


thank you i always feel better knowing its not just me its happening isnt that silly thank you jaybaba


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