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Our society

WOW- I am dealing with so much crap. Family who can abuse and bully, but if I say anything they don't like then they will call adult protective services on me. Neighbors who harass and bully and no recourse. Therapists who are really not well themselves. Our society and the people in it are under what way to much stress?

Then we wonder why did this shooting or rampage occur? I have people who tell me this is the act of Satan. I don't know, but with the demise of the family, rampaging bullies, difficult to make it from paycheck to paycheck, what the heck is wrong with our society today? No wonder people "go postal"

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It's a very fine line we all walk. Between good and bad the line or path is very tough to stay on. Balance is a must.


I've learned that I've been making excuses for people for way too long. Many people in today's society seem to have little to no compassion for others and it's just awful. Getting a more realistic view of the world is sort of a double-edged sword for me. When I thought everyone was basically good and trying their best, I assumed that all problems were inherent in me (even if people were abusing me!) When I started opening my mind to the possibility that people could act like jerks or even abuse others with no regard for the people they hurt, I began to realize I was not the cause of my abuse, nor did I deserve it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you deserve respect and care. Unfortunately, the people we are closest to are sometimes the root of our pain and other people out in the world only seem to reflect that. The only thing I can think to do is divert my energy from toxic relationships and people and put it toward creating a safe, nurturing space within myself.

This world can be a VERY frustrating place. I hope you can find ways to create a safe, nurturing, loving and respectful place within yourself. You deserve these things so much and they're absolutely essential!


We have given control of mankind's direction to the dregs of humanity!

People make jokes about politicians not being trustworthy! Then they make it seem it's not important. The more psychopathic the politician, the quicker they take office!

Perhaps we need to give control to people who care? Ones who feel for others, who don't lie, cheat , steal, and make them prove it! Remove them if they do these things!

Stop corporations from acting this way as well!

People with conscience normally wouldn't do those things.

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I was recently somewhat losing my mind recently by the fact that I felt surrounded by people who were 'at best' profoundly invalidating.

It dawned on me as I was warping out "Why am I the one who is suffering because of other people who have character problems?" "I'm miserable - and the real problematic people who should feel bad just cruise along fine - quite often at my psychological expense"

Its a kind of a philosophical standpoint for me at the moment but for my own sake I'm trying to accept that a lot of people in the world are just plain horrific and just not fight it or take it personally. Don't waste valuable time and brain space over it. I know - easier said than done.

In my experience, most entrenched injustices and the not so very nice people cannot be fixed (sorry not very idealistic ) I had a go at tackling a local medical/systemic problem recently and was seriously crushed & bitten.

Unfortunately if you have PTSD you run the risk of making yourself unwell trying to find perfect fairness.

Taking note of small human decencies here and there helps me a bit.

I know PTSD minds are pre-disposed to spot danger in people and be on the defensive - and its hard to disconnect from this jaded loop and at least see some people as at least one quarter decent......at times. ( again, easier said than done )

Having said this, I hope you have the resources to get some space between you and the destructive people around you.

I've recently had to limit communications with my family to e-mail. Gives me a bit of objective distance.

I also tend to go hermit a bit, just to give my mind time to rest and recover as I tend to become a little paranoid with prolonged stress of any kind.


Hello adjunct bear

We can do this one day at a time. i try to break things down when i get overwhelmed and get back in the day of today. It is so easy to have one leg in yesterday, then one leg in tomorrow and i am pissing all over today. PTSD DOES THAT WITH ALL OF us its not just you dear one. It hijacks the attention faculty of the mind. Learing to breath slower and put my attention on my breath as i breathe in for the count of 1 to 8 and then exhale for the count of 1 to 8.. that little practice helps my mind to relax and calm down when my thinking is compulsive... try it..it works friend....

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Yep. Its hard to cut through the blippyness of the PTSD mind. But mindfulness does work......eventually......with a lot of practice. I treat it like a mildly annoying chore I have to do twice a day. (mindfullness meditation) but am always happy I went to the trouble after a session. Gives the mind a break and some perspective.


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