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Accidents happen

So this morning on the way to my airport, my friend didn't see a vehicle in front of her and rear ended it pretty hard. Front of her vehicle is destroyed. She thinks I am mad at her but the truth is I am just really shaken. I had no reaction to any of it which was very odd for me. My body aches. My neck aches from being hit full force in the face with the airbag. I have a pretty good seat belt burn across my neck. I don't really want to be in a car at this point, especially the front seat. I was incredibly lucky with that seat belt saving me from going through the windshield which the Emt told me would have happened if I hadn't been wearing it. I am hoping for no flash backs of this incident. Just really glad things weren't worse than that.

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Glad you are ok. Writing about it is good way to start processing what happened.


O my goodness. This is why I am selling my car and no longer drive. With my hypervigilance i am way too jumpy. I am so pleased you are okay. Sort of. Take care I feel walking is safest in places there are no strangers.


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