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Thoughts and the dance floor

Thoughts and the dance floor

So, I've read that dance is a good way to get trauma out of the system. I love to dance anyway. I took a class last night and while learning dance steps, troubling thoughts came to the surface. As I looked in the mirror I could see my countenance change. All of the sudden dancing became a chore. I found this very interesting because this has never happened before. I haven't always had this new brain before. Every thought was about security. I kept looking at the door. I kept looking at the people. My brain was working overtime. I left exhausted and not full of passion. A bummer.

So I've decided to continue to dance. Thoughts or not. It's about restoration. PTSD is battle, but life is worth the fight.

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Dance unorganized. ..just move the locked trauma out of its hiding place in your soul and body ! Long long walks help too, took me a long time to feel safe enough to do either but results were so positive. If you start and stop don't be surprised just start again !

And good for you !


That's a great idea, to take dance. I would love to do that too. I was also thinking of

taking Zumba classes, or get a tape on it.

Perhaps you felt unsafe just because it's out of your comfort zone? (and especially with PTSD). Personally, I spend huge amounts of time alone at home, and it seems like a chore to just go to the store! But I'm slowly getting out there, as I really need a part time job.

I do believe that dance would be beneficial to help trauma, I would continue if I were

you, and I bet you will be enjoying it before too long :-)) I always like to give things a good chance at least...




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