So does ptsd have mood swings ? I find my self happy and then other days just not feeling too good of myself I find that certain foods I eat trigger this also does this happen to anybody else ? My body is drained ! When I have no emotion I hate these roller coasters! How do you just go about being yourself just simply happy before all the pain it fustrates me

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  • Gluten and dairy increase my mood swings. Bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder also depression can also cause mood swings.

  • Yes I find that when I eat sugar foods and meats I feel so drained its so weird I wish I can just give it all up 😒

  • If your moods are being triggered by certain foods, that might actually be an allergy. Then again you might be eating foods that remind you of bad times. IN reading your reply it seems you have a sugar or maybe a gluten allergy. I change of diet would help tremendously.

  • Its wierd because I already have anxiety and I find when I eat sugar I feel like a huge rush and I feel sick and I get moody and dont get anything done in trying but I used to love sweets cutting them off is hard

  • Hi amerie

    there are some physical reasons for mood swings. Ptsd produces absolutely buckets of stress hormones not just adrenaline but several different ones. So after you have had a nightmare or if you are hypervigilant even after it subsides you have these hormones sloshing round your body. They have served their purpose but then affect your emotions for some hours after. It may affect you by being grumpy or weepy or wanting to go shopping or to comfort eat. Also adrenaline reduces blood sugar which can make you grumpy and have food cravings. This type i find can be settled by sucking a sweet. Might not work for everyone but works for me.

    Apart from that if you are affected by nightmares your sleep will be disturbed and being tired affects our moods.

    When i was at my worst i only slept for an hour a day after my husband got up and before i had to. I'm sure this was a factor in my emotional instability. Ptsd is a bugger of a condition, it takes away from everything and makes our moods fluctuates by the very fact that it is to do with how our brains process a trauma or several traumas. Treatment for it involves helping us to take the bad stuff that is stuck in our "in tray" and process it and then move it to the opposite side of the brain where it can go into the filing system or archives. While it is unprocessed it feels like we are looking at the world through a veil of the trauma. To be constantly inundated with messages that scream "danger" at us will always cause a roller coaster. It would be like being in a jungle with a hungry tiger you cannot see. You know it's there just can't see it or fight it. You would be fragile emotionally if you were in that situation and this is no different.

    Hope you can understand me rambling on and that it helps

  • Thank you I can understand I mean I get that rush sometimes like adrenaline and I then feel lost like I'm dazed and I hate it because I think wow what am I doing I drive and I daze I'm with my kids and I daze it scares me but like you say I'm guessing the trauma I've felt okay but now I'm back at it I want to cry and yell but I don't even know what I'm feeling I'm tired I feel drained

  • I learnt to stop and breathe. Sounds daft but sometimes i hear the voice of the friend who started me off with breathing saying "and B R E A T H E " and I stop and take a deep breath and blow it out slowly and focus. That seems to help control the mess the stress hormones make of my brain.

    Ptsd is not nice!

  • interesting

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