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Little things for a an uplift

Hi everyone. Thought I would share a couple of things I'm enjoying lately.

I got free app happify and am enjoying it.

I've discovered perfume. It's an absolute pleasure for me, something we PTSD types can have issues about and tremendous aromatherapy too. I find it's very grounding to focus on my favorite scent and even helps me sleep. Just watch your budget and then indulge. I have been loving the luxury French perfumes in the little $28 sprays at department store fragrance areas or getting free samples. Express interest in a type of scent or brand and you may leave with a sample of very expensive perfume. Not to mention you can test everything!

Indulge, live life, be happy

God bless

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That's great that you found something that brings you a lot of joy. Good for you.


What a great idea!! I have sorted my yarn stash - that makes me happy as it means I think about new projects.


Very happy that you've found something that helps you.

I can't do that as it give me migraines.

My happy thing is to craft.

Take care 👍😊


I go to department stores and always use the testers there


Thanks for sharing these ideas with us! I'm so encouraged to hear of your enjoyment in the little things. I truly believe happiness and enjoyment of life is a moment by moment endeavor and the small things always add up to the most:).

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I find scents calming myself. Particularly incense, like sandalwood, and dried roses and lavender from the garden. I wish I could bottle sea air...

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Love the sea..."bottle sea air" lol - lovely idea :-)


That's lovely ! and also a real reminder that we can indulge in simple and easy steps forward towards re-engaging with memories and reality that empower us.

I had a bottle of orange scented perfume crafted for me in Cairo when I was 7 - 8 years in the market square on my birthday.

I saved it, because it represented something which perfected the feeling of joy and complete wholeness that I had felt that day - pure happiness and joy - and so whenever I returned to that bottle of perfume and opened it, I could release its joy once again....

I only need to pick up the bottle to recall the fond unadulterated memories and I feel blessed.

Sadly, the bottle contents have now evaporated; and yet the empty glass bottle still can engender such a powerful response.....

Is this healing or ??


very nice. IChoose, you posted a hypnosis tape for negative thoughts with a candle, done by a man with a calming voice, forgot his name, do you know how to send a link so I can download it on my ipod? I could not figure out how to download it, when I tried online.

very nice reminder in your post, each moment, little joy things, good for you and thank you

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Hi peacefulandcalm,

I think I found it, you need to copy and paste in your browser:


without the brackets


Hi peaceful - here is another one by Michael Sealey that I'm using right now. I really rely on his recordings to sleep lately. Just search his name on YouTube. I'm sure there are so many others.


Thanks, I'm gonna try those too...


His name is Michael Sealey. Just search his name on YouTube. He has his own channel on YouTube and has a hypnotherapy for nearly everything. I have been listening to him since my first post about him.


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