Thank you to all of you who have been talking to me. I keep very weird hours but there always seems to be someone out there. This is a positive post I am so pleased I found this site and now have the opportunity to speak with others like me. I have just had a phone call my June appointment for Trent Psychological Therapy has been brought forward to May 15th. The woman I am going to see sounded okay over the phone.


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  • Cool! So glad at least that the positive of her sounding ok. The phone happened. This may well be the beginning of healing for you eh. Don't be concerned about pregnant silence when your there. It is the therapists role to keep the conversations going not yours! I am often silent in therapy but mostly this is around me flipping in and out...dissociation. Not long now for you to waiting to meet her in person.n

  • Good to know lindyloo my first so bit nervous but determined to get better.

  • Having your appointment moved up is wonderful news! I am the opposite in therapy which I have only had 2 sessions of so far. I talk so much she can't get a word in. I've kept so much secret & stuffed my feelings for so many years that now I'm about to explode & let them out. I was nervous too but I got over it real fast. I did try out several therapists before I found the right one for me. I agree. This site can be so positive. I'm very happy to have found it. I enjoy talking to you. So, thanks for being here.

  • You're welcome tyzack. Today is a lovely sunny day. I am up and dressed and going to feed the ducks with hubby and our two lovely dogs. Feel quite positive today. Determined not to let my employers spoil my life. Hope you have a lovely weekend. x

  • So glad to hear!!!!!! Keep up the good work!! :). I too am glad I found this sight...and people like you to relate too!

    God bless!!

  • Hi change2015 Today has been lovely. I marvel at my husbands patience. He is also please that I have found this site. He does not read our statements nor does he pry. xx :)

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