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I am beginning to form the impression that this site is pretty much a closed shop (probably an English term, so if those of you elsewhere don't understand, it means that it is exclusive and only open to those whose "face fits".)

I posted on the site, and as far as I am aware, there was nothing that could have been construed as offensive or controversial. It was not, however, published.

PTSD is a different kettle of fish (is that acceptable?) to each and every one of us; its source, or sources, the manner in which manifests itself, and in how the individual deals or copes with it.

I have discarded the idea of counsellors or advisers because no one, but no one, can comprehend the way you feel and the situation (s) that brought it about.

Platitudes and possibly well meant advice is worse than useless.

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Hi, Bootneck, this is very much an open shop and all content is originally accepted.

The few times content has been removed has only occurred 1) because the content was offensive, 2) AFTER the administrators had connected with the poster and discussed how to proceed.

My guess is that some techno-glitch occurred when you posted. Please feel free to try again.

You're very right: we're all very alone in our personal experience of the tragedy of trauma and its aftereffects. In this forum we strive to stand together as a community since those of us here are uniquely qualified to best understand each other's experiences as we've each gone through our individual transformations.


Thanks for the clarification, Stuck1! It's great that you can shed some light on this situation, and let Bootneck know we weren't trying to exclude him. Greatly appreciate your sharp catch on this one! :)


You're very welcome, Stuck1! I too hope he sees your response and knows he was heard and not ignored. :)


Hello boot neck

I hear you. Welcome dear one. I saw your posting. I would like to offer a suggestion to be " open minded" and suspend any judement of another. I tell you why. We as a community in here are " all the same" we are a " community of equals" we all come into with our own distorted perceptions of ourselves, of men ,of women and of each other. I am learning to challenge " my assumptions" and stop judeing and attacking others. Most of us have been victims of violence and abuse by someone who violated us , betrayed us , and these people were suppose to love us. However this is a safe community where we can drop our resistance and being so suspicious or even viscous with each other. How about giving some of us a chance. You are not so unique or special that your ego is making you suspicious of everyone. That does not sound rational or even logical dear one. We are not bad people trying to get good. When one ptsd victim person judges another ptsd victim...that is sick sick sick. Common lighten up well you. Give us a chance

Welcome to the psche ward.


Hi bootneck. Your PTSD story is my story too. So many commonalities, at different stages of healing. What worked for me was traditional and spiritual processes. I began to feel better and better in increments, knowing there was a Light at the end of the tunnel. Blessings.


I have read the replies to my post and accept that it was incorrectly posted in the first place. With consideration, I was too hasty in assuming that my post had been blocked and apologise to the admin people/moderators.

However, having also read the post from "wilderness scout", I have resisted the impulse to retaliate to what is obviously a personal attack on me. Referring to me as "Dear one" (yuck!) and then telling me that I am "sick, sick, sick" is something of a contradiction to say the least.

Thank you to those that offered some understanding of my situation, and did not choose to launch into a patronising and vitriolic tirade.

I do not belong on this site. If I am seen as being self centred and egotistic, then I shall only bore and irritate the other site members, especially "wilderness scout" - is that similar to a Boy Scout, by the way?

MicheleR, Dan _H, Stuck1 and ubsparkles: Thanks for your replies Happy Christmas and a safe 2015.


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