I did too much over thanksgiving. Anyone else do too much during the holiday?

Hi all,

I got a bit excited about thanksgiving and ended up doing too much over the last 3 days. Today I am paying the price for all my activity. I went shopping on tuesday for 2 hrs in a busy store and mall for christmas gifts. And did okay that day. Then had a good 3 hr visit with my sister and neices yesterday...but the movie they watched was a bit too stimulating for me. Then on thanksgiving I went out for lunch at a very busy restaurant that was packed with people. Very stimulating on my exhausted body. The food was great. Then watched a couple movies. Tinkerbell. I love them.. but again it was too much for my system and I ended up having trouble with hot flashes....that really disturbed me. I hate the heat. So I slept alot... 9 hrs last night.. 7 the night before from being exhausted. Today I feel like I've been in fight/flight for most of the day. I've done alot less today. I should have stayed in bed. I enjoyed the holiday for what I could do...but this excessive sensitivity to my environment that overwhelms me is really getting to me.. physically, emotionally, and mentally. I would love to give my head a good swift kick and tell it to start working normally so I can function. Its really aggravating to be stuck in this rut. Know what I mean? Is any one else feeling overwhelmed by the holiday season? I've done all the right things...but it doesn't seem to be enough. It's enough to make me lose it at times. At least the food is delicious. That is something I can enjoy. Taking a shower... oh god..too much stimulation man. Anyway thanks for letting me rant. I wouldn't make any other choices that I made over the last 3 days. I enjoyed seeing family and shopping for them. It gave me a sense of purpose again.

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  • Aww, *hugs* If a shower's too much, would a sponge bath, part at a time, help?

  • I did take a bath yesterday. And it did help me out too.

  • Glad to hear it. Finding a livable level of stimulation is challenging, yet you are able to make changes that help yourself. Good going!

  • Oh well, you did too much. But you enjoyed what you did. Exhausted? Hey, it comes with the territory. I did what I wanted, declined an outing with the family because I knew I would be exhausted. Yep, day after Thanksgiving I slept until noon, didn't do anything all day. Today, i am still tired, but not like yesterday. That's the way it is. Have fun, sometimes do too much. Oh well, sleep, sleep, sleep, and try again. Glad you had good family times with purpose.

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