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Hi. not much of a talker especially about feelings but right now it's too hard. Got diagnosed with C- PTSD and attachment disorder 3 months ago. Been numb most of my life and in the last year trauma after trauma got me to a suicidal position. Sleeping or eating is difficult sometimes impossible. Taking medication, hate it but without it I would not be here. My therapist is on vacation. She sent me to an EMDR therapist with my first visit last Friday while she is still away, it was a total disaster! I had a panic attack during the process after I took a chance to answer her question about my relationship with my husband, she diagnosed him to be bi-polar. She also found out what I do for a living and wanted to come to my showroom to see my products. I felt bad that I said anything to her and not comfortable to do business with her either. She said that I was not ready for EMDR..The rest of my day was really f-up. On our wedding anniversary last Thursday, with my husband had a situation involving cops. They showed-up in my showroom, it was humiliating and I got triggered since and totally shut down. I have to work because i am the breadwinner and God it's really impossible sometimes like now.

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Wow I am sorry! You are doing the right things though so I believe you will make it all the way up!


There is a twelve step program all about trauma and ptsd 7124328808 code 247364 24th you can look in the enter net aca regular meetings every night 10 eastern code 27th to talk press star one


Thank you.


You can look in the Web aca


Hi Dry Heat,

I am so sorry for your experience, I am just about to do EMDR tomorrow, but with a trusted therapist I have had for 11 months. A person seeing you once should not diagnose you. C-PTSD and bi-polar symptoms are easily confused, That is why you need to have a trauma specialist. I was told I was borderline, bi-polar before, mainly from my mom, as she does not want to take responsibility for what she did to me. C-PTSD is a hard diagnosis as it is not recognized in the DMR, but do not let someone say your bi-polar after one session. You have the capability of healing, as I do. So do not give up. Really look at the meds you are taking, I went off meds a year ago. it was a a State program that prescribed them to me mainly to just not have to give me the therapy needed. I have to be honest here....the government should not run mental health....all they do is drug you up. C-PTSD can heal, but your neurons need the chance to reattach and fire. All drugs do is stunt it. Take folic acid, B 100, Fish oil and Emerger-C, Vitamin K, Vitamin D and calcium. I also take a probiotic and eat Activia, but this is on good days. It is hard to take pills on bad days. But, I would say 4 out of 7 are good.

I shower hope on you. You deserve it.



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Thanks Jen,

She did not diagnose me with bi-polar. She diagnose my husband with it, she never met him. Thanks for your advice with the vitamins.


I'm so sorry.. I know that numb feeling.. Why, when after one trauma does more keep coming.. I consider myself a good person, but now fear even leaving my home.. Things keep happening I have no control of..

Living like this is not living.. I do understand..


You might want to read about bad therapy vs good therapy on goodtherapy.org . Sounds as if your therapist has boundary issues. The site helped me understand what's appropriate for a therapeutic relationship.




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