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Iga normal or not ?


Hi everyone , after a long bout of illness going back 10 years my GP suggested celiac.

I have tested positive on anti TPO antibodies indicating Hashimotos previously ,High Ra factor. I am deficient in folate, vitamin D.

Just got back results

Anti TPO antibodies normal


TPO ANTIBODIES: < 33 iu/mL [0.0 - 60.0]

Elevated Haemoglobin, White blood cells,Esr, red blood cells,lymphocytes, Plasma alkaline phosphatase levels, Eosonophils.

Serum vitamin B12 level 451 pg/mL [180.0 - 914.0]


Tissue transglutaminase IgA level 0.7 u/mL [0.0 - 6.9]

IgA anti-TTG antibodies are negative. This does

not support a diagnosis of coeliac disease.

However, if the clinical suspicion is very high,

suggest a small bowel biopsy. Serology will become

negative once the patient is on a gluten free diet

and false negatives occur in complete IgA


Symptoms : rash, acute joint pain, migraines,extreme fatigue, constipation then diaorrhea , nausea every morning.

Previous tests are Negative for lupus, Rheumatoid,Thyroid (TSH 1.6 normal)

I have been a significant carb, bread, pastry, cereal eater,so i decide to go gluten free just after blood test and have noticed a significant improvement in the last 3 days! Would this be possible so soon ?

Does the Iga antibody signify deficiency ?

I have had enough of going to Gps and blood tests so will i do myself any harm by going gluten free?

My two sons ( ages 23, 16) also have been back and forwards to GP with explosive bowel problems shall we say , but never was celiac disease mentioned, should i explore a diagnosis with them or just let them decide whether to go gluten free.

I thank you all in advance for any info that you can offer

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don't go gluten free until your gp tell`s you ..defo have the biopsy.

You will need to continue to eat gluten until after endoscopy and biopsy - otherwise it may throw off a false negative.. And if thats positive then perhaps the boys should be tested..


Have you been tested for gluten intolerance. I had removed gluten from my diet before seeing the GP, but when he ran bloods it came back that although I wasn't celiac, I do carry the celiac gene and I tested positive for gluten intolerance. Stay on the gluten though if you are wishing to find out about a celiac diagnosis. I cannot cope with the pain that I suffer to eat gluten for 6 weeks just to get a positive or negative result for celiacs. My sensitivity has escalated since I cut out gluten from my diet.

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