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IGA TTG result = coeliac?

Hello, first time posting on here!

Just had my blood test results back and I got an IGA TTG result of 76. My GP said that normal range was below 15 and has referred me to have an endoscopy. Am I likely to be Coeliac or just gluten intolerant or nothing?

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Hi Murphy 73,

In answer to your question, you are highly likely to be a Coeliac. The endoscopy may only be to confirm this and will show how much gut damage you may have.

Do not stop eating gluten until after the endoscopy though - they need to see the true extent of the effect that gluten has on you.

In the meantime start getting ready to say goodbye to gluten foods that you like. Eat them in the next few weeks so that you have no unfinished business with them (Donuts, crumpets, kitkats, cake etc).

If the blood test is wrong then you will have lost nothing. If it's right, then you will be much more ready to start a new phase in your life.

Good luck!


Regalbirdy, thank you so much for replying! I really can’t believe I can have CD - seems to have come out of nowhere. I’m desperately hoping it isn’t that but it would make sense of everything that has happened. I guess denial is part of the process. I potentially have to wait a couple of months for the endoscopy, that is going to be tough but I guess that I’m going to be living a gf free lifestyle one way or another! 😞


A lot of regions currently have a 6 month wait for the endoscopy, so just know that's likely your window to enjoy yourself. GP wrongly told us it was a 6 week wait, and we went overboard enjoying our last of everything, because we didn't think we had much time.

The hospital will call you to arrange a date that suits you, it's not like a normal appointment, where you get given a specific date/time, like it or lump it. Book a holiday in the meantime, as you can work your test around that.



My positive coeliac blood test came as quite a surprise to me too. I thought that my extreme tiredness was probably going to be some form of anemia and the gut issues were a dairy intolerance. But similar to what you have written, it did start to make a twisted kind of sense all sorts of other symptoms I had been experiencing over many years.

I elected to travel out of my area for my endoscopy. I'm quite lucky to have several big NHS hospitals within a 40 mile radius of where I live in the Midlands - and I figured asking to do this was worth the effort involved. The extra travelling was never going to be worse than continuing to feel as unwell as I did! By doing this I halved my waiting time and received my endoscopy about 8 weeks after the blood test (it was actually going to be less than this but I managed to pick up a virus 🙁). My official diagnosis was given 2 weeks after that.

I'll be honest and say that the wait for the endoscopy was hard. Not just on a physical level but on a mental level as well. As the weeks of waiting went on it became clearer to me that I did have an issue with gluten - yet I was told to keep making myself ill by eating it. I struggled with that. In the end it came as a relief to get the positive diagnosis because at one point I had started to wonder if my symptoms were all in my head. It was so nice to be told that they weren't!

The gluten free lifestyle takes some adjusting to at first, but it soon becomes a way of life. Hopefully you will do just fine.


6 months!! 😭😭😭

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I know... it's such a long wait... they might be quicker in other areas, but it will help you to plan if you know what you're facing.

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Hi Murphy73,

Can you tell me how long you waited for your blood results to come back?

I had my blood taken and sent off on Thursday.

I happen to be in my GP surgery today so asked about results but receptionist said they haven't come back yet.

Good luck with your endoscopy.



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