Waiting a blood test result. What to do if it is negative?

I know if it is positive I get referred to a hospital and get an endoscopy for a diagnosis. But if it is negative? I've read some people still had an endoscopy and got a celiac diagnosis. I do have some celiac symptoms but I may be just sensitive to gluten and not celiac.

Even the blood test is negative would GP send me for an endoscopy as I have a symptom or should I be asking for one?

Do non celiac gluten sensitive people's treatment only going on gluten free diet?

I have been eating gluten for 7 weeks after 2 months of gluten free. Today I felt I had enough and I had gluten free toasts for breakfast and gluten free noodles for lunch and gluten free biscuits. I have less bloated stomach and less nauseous (not completely better though). I know I shouldn't have yet as I haven't had a result yet but I needed a rest. I will have a normal toast tomorrow...

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  • my blood test was negative but because my consultant wanted to look further, he organized an endoscopy which was positive. So continue to press for an endoscopy.

  • Depends which area you live. My blood test was negative so therefore no endoscopy or diagnosis, just told to stay gluten free and to be honest I was so ill before I have no reason at all to go back to the old ways.

  • My blood test was negative too so no further investigations. The GP suggested I consider going GF which I did. She now thinks I do have coeliac but I do not want to be tested. I feel so much better than I did and I don't know what benefits a diagnosis would give me. I can't eat Free From products anyway.

  • My bloods are negative, too. I'm not pushing for further tests as I can't face the idea of eating gluten again, ever. But I realize there are other issues such as food on prescription (which I can't eat anyway) and blood tests, bone density scans, and continued follow ups. These are important so if your blood tests are negative, and it is definite you can't tolerate gluten, you'll need to see your GP again to talk things through. But - word of warning here - if you are considering to push for a biopsy, you should continue eating gluten as it may cause problems with the result. Get eating that toast...........

    Most NCGS's feel much better on a gluten free diet, thankfully ;) ;)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • I had negative blood tests and wasn't told I'd need a biposy until 3 months later. With wheat making me feel so ill and a coeliac Mother and wheat intolerant Daughter, nothing would induce me to eat gluten. Seeing as my consultant agreed whatever the result of the biopsy,the treatment would be don't eat wheat, it all seemed a bit pointless, except, as you say, those extra tests. Two years later, I just went back to the GP to get blood tests to check vitamin levels etc. My only other thought is that I think the diagnosed coeliacs are the tip of the iceberg and that there are far more coeliacs/NCGI's and people with wheat inolerances who don't fall within the statistics. If those numbers were really understood, then maybe food manufacturers would not use hidden wheat in so many sauces and other food products/ there would be more food processors who would understand the need for gluten free production lines, even if only that they could use it as a great marketing ploy!

  • I was never diagnosed as coeliac but I know I am gluten intolerant. My test? I ate a dish of spaghetti and I felt bad. BUT remember that you could be gluten intolerant but also have other problems like intolerance to lactose or other foods.

  • I was seriously ill before going gf thought i was dying tests negative so no endoscopy dont really care never eating gluten again although doc did want a retest feel so well now no point in making yourself ill its like saying i think you have a smoking related disease but can you smoke a load more fags just to make sure lol x

  • My experience is good my gp has been great, new one at my surgery. Did blood and stool samples 2 weeks ago all fine referred me to gastroenterologist at same time as tests who I saw today, having camera up and down on Friday. So hoping for a diagnosis after years of suffering. Hope you receive the same care

  • Thank you for your reply. I should get a blood test result very soon. Whether it is positive or negative I guess I need to talk to my GP.

    I wanted to go through this test for my self and my family as I could pass this to my child, couldn't I? I wish this blood test is more accurate!!

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